Sean Snyder (b. 1972)

Analepsis (2003-04)
Casio, Seiko, Sheraton, Toyota, Mars (2004-05)
Schema (Television) (2007)
Sony DCR–PC120E. Disassembled (2007)
Compression / Propoganda, Video 1 (2007)
Compression / Propoganda, Video 2 (2007)

Sean Snyder takes the global circulation of information as the operating ground for his work. His videos, texts and images data presented in the form of installations or publications, are the material evidence of a systematic research into the intrinsic codes of technologically produced and processed imagery as well as overt montage and propaganda techniques, exploring ideas of accessibility, transparency and the manipulation of information. Snyder draws his material from a variety of sources, being official news channels, information databanks, press agencies such as Reuters, The Associated Press, Governmental bodies as well as personal homepages, digital and material archives and clandestine websites. Through case studies, which have examined the world of urban planning, architecture and the news media, Snyder retraces the strange and often surprising shifts in meaning that information undergoes in the process of translation from one ideological system to another, while avoiding any definitive interpretation.

Sean Snyder lives and works in Kiev and Tokyo.