Zineb Sedira (b. 1955)
Don't Do To Her What Yo Did To Me (2001)
From Resistance(s): Experimental Films from the Middle East and North Africa

One sees a close-up shot of a glass being filled with water.

Bubbles are formed but slowly the water regains its still quality. The glass then acts as a deformative device between the viewer and the artist, as a hand is writing "don't do to her what you did to me" on the back of the photographs representing a woman. Everything is still again for a short while until, exceedingly slowly and majestically, a flush of black ink (from the writing) flows downwards, drowning, plunging, staining the water...

The ink preludes the more dramatic fate of the repeated haunting images, the deceased woman.

One hears a metallic sound as the photographs move in a more frenetic spin.

One is aware of the glass again, of the limited space where a struggle takes place between a probable spoon and the photographs which dematerialise under one's eyes.

The sheer immediacy of the destruction process is intensified as the image dissolves into an organic paste.

Then, a woman, the artist, drinks the solution, the last ironic phase of the talisman." S.Z. -- Lux

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