Mario Schifano (1934-1998)
Trapianto, consunzione e morte di Franco Brocani (1969)
Trapianto heralds the end of utopia, the death of that underground, but is also the best prologue in Necropolis, which is not by chance found alive. It 's a film that establishes the passage of rolling between two friends, and Brocani Schifano, shared the same passions, and from living the cinema as a challenge urgent and vital, suspended between dream and action "(Bruno Di Marino).

"It was a film more 'home', a movie about a friend on Brocani Franco, a friend who wanted and wants to do film and that somehow it has always done everything not to do so, the relationship with half a perfectionist whose intentions can never get along with the doubts of those who would like to put some money because his movie could be made. It was a tribute to a character in '68, a filmmaker not 'committed', to the more 'alien ' all, absolute outsider who lived the cinema as a disease "(Mario Schifano). Brocani in turn has dedicated his latest film Schifano, Schifanosaurus Rex (2008)