Peter Rose
Babel (1987)

Babel (1987, 17 min.) uses processed voices, generic babble, kinetic texts, and misleading film and video images to link the linguistic implications of a third nostril to the Tower of Babel and the Strategic Defense Initiative. The tape offers a critique of language as a source of authority and as a form of technology. It was presented at the Polyphonix Festival in Paris, at the New Music America Festival in Philadelphia, at the National Video Festival in Los Angeles, and at the World Music Days festival in Cologne, W. Germany.

""Rose is the Andy Kaufman of avant-garde movies, a filmmaker-performer who speaks in tongues to make us hear English with a clear ear. Babel is a hybrid of The Outer LImits and SCTV in which Rose bravely diagrams the language of politics and the politics of language. "
- Carrie Rickey, Philadelphia Inquirer

"" The most compelling piece in the (National Video) festival...a work of efficacious political art which is also sensuously luscious and rich in ironic humor. " - Christine Tamblyn, Afterimage

""The wanton susurric hegemonies of speech..."
- Marlton Journal