Luther Price (1962-2020)
Run (1994)
Woke up walking alone from a dream toward a translucent sky
a run day ... The edge electric against infinity revealed everything
it was the moment before I was born
the moment before I died
I was pressed between glass
I could see myself walking past
I could see my eye looking at my eye
I was standing someplace far away
looking at myself
pressed between glass
I looked like I was moving but it was more like the way a worm
pushes into itself to get to wherever it goes
I could slip through those spaces and rest for awhile
then distribute everything I am and all that I was
but I panicked
I continued to push
my body into itself
I woke pressed between
I thought I was walking
I saw myself walking
I could see my eye
looking at my eye
and the place where I died
when I was born