People Like Us (Vicki Bennett) b. 1967
The Magical Misery Tour (2011)

Duration 30'15" minutes

This is a 30 minute edit of "The Magical Misery Tour", a 45 minute concert created between June and September 2011. It was premiered at "The Sound of Fear" at London's Southbank Centre on 3rd September 2011, under the working title of "Horror Collage". Now that the full length live set has been completed we have changed the name to something more fitting with the content. The source material is 95% from horror movies, with the content portraying not so much a scary nightmare but a journey through the underworld of everyday human experiences. It is not true to say you do not relate to this kind of horror movie. Truth is stranger than fiction. Having said this, People Like Us, as ever, see the positive and sometimes humorous side of the most ghastly scenerios, and by accompanying the edited found feature film footage with new sample collage pop songs, elevate you from the swamp.

The Magical Misery Tour.

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