Georges Perec 1936-1982
Les Lieux d'une fugue (1978)
Duration: 41 min
Music: Kreislerania, op. 13, by Robert Schumann

Les Lieux d'une fugue is the first in the series of nine "Camera-je" films. It is the only one entirely produced by Georges Perec. It is based on a story written in 1965 and still unpublished at the time, recounting the author's escape from home at the age of 11. He had forgotten about this event, and it came back to him only twenty years later, as he was strolling through the Post-Stamp Market at Champs-Elysées.

While the short story focuses on the act of remembering by the adult an event from his childhood, the film, opting for a subjective view, focuses on the traversed places. The image is accompanied by an off-screen narration.""To touch the viewer by showing him a bench, a tree, a backpack, a police station... has become essential for me," explained Georges Perec.

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