Adam Pendelton b. 1984
BAND (2009)
The video installation BAND tracks the process of the band Deerhoof as they develop and record a new song, I Did Crimes for You. The video is loosely based on Godard’s film Sympathy for the Devil, which features the The Rolling Stones recording their song of the same name. In BAND, footage of Deerhoof rehearsing is edited to include fragments from a 1971 documentary, Teddy, about a young member of the Black Panther Party in Los Angeles. The song’s lyrics consist of confrontational rhetoric characteristic of the late 1960s, while the voiceover from the documentary speaks of the prospects of change and the efficacy of such violence. Speaking of the video’s relationship to Godard’s film, Pendleton said “ it is not something that exists in its shadow, but rather in contrast to it.”