Alix Pearlstein b. 1962
Two Women
Two Women combines intimacy and distance to foreground the problematic of desire and mass media by juxtaposing a live performer with a photograph of a nude woman cut out from a magazine. The picture hangs from a piece of monofilament in the foreground, creating an illusion through depth of field, which continuously shifts the scale relationship as the camera sways back and forth. Tension is generated by the interaction between the static photo, and the man who paces restlessly in the background as he attempts to connect with the cutout. The soundtrack contrasts Pearlstein's voiceover of coaxing directions, with responsive moans and sighs simulated by sound effects. Her suggestions or commands at once address the live performer and the viewer, imploring their complicity in this suspension of disbelief and seduction.

Actor: Leo Marks
Camera, Editor, Director: Alix Pearlstein

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