Sergei Parajanov 1924-1990
Kievskiy Freskiy (Kiev Frescos)
Kievskiy Freskiy (Kiev Frescos)
Sergei Parajanov
Starring: Tengis Aruvadse, Antonina Leftiy

Parajanov's ninth film in Kiev, "Shadows of Our Forgotten Ancestors" (1964), caused an uproar by challenging the principles of Socialist Realism in Soviet cinema. Although awarded at several international film festivals, it was given only limited release in the Soviet Union. Parajanov, already in trouble with the authorities for also protesting the arrest of Ukrainian poets and intellectuals, accepted an offer from Yerevan to make a documentary on Hakob Hovnatanyan, an Armenian portrait painter who had lived and worked in Tbilisi. Portraits by Hovnatanyan were later incorporated into scenes in "Kiev Frescoes" (1966), a production interrupted at the Dovzhenko Studios after only a few weeks of shooting. This is is the only audition footage that survived. Taken from a TV transmission of Rai Tre, Italy.