Paper Rad

Smells Like Burnt Speaker (2004)
P-Unit Mixtape 2005 (2005)
Mario Movie (2005) (with Cory Arcangel)
Trash Talking (2006)
Dr. Doo in Fucland (2006)

The label PAPER RAD, founded in 2000 by JESSICA CIOCCI (born 1976 in Lexington, Kentucky), JACOB CIOCCI (born 1976 in Lexington, Kentucky) and BEN JONES (born 1977 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), uses the most varied media, including video, drawings and wall painting, and also combines with art sectors such as fashion and photography. Paper Rad is not active only in the art world; it also infiltrates cyberspace. In the videos – many of which are made by Jacob Ciocci – TV film outtakes and self-drawn comic and animation pieces are assembled into rapidly cut, hallucinatory flights that can be read as commentaries on the contemporary media world. The Mandala-like, rainbow-coloured neo-geo drawings by Jessica Ciocci directly reflect, in their mixture of excess and monotony, today’s consumption and youth culture.”