Gaspar Noé (b. 1963)

We Fuck Alone (2006)

Franco-Argentine filmmaker Gaspar Noé has won several critical awards and received festival acclaim for each of his works. Films include CARNE, SODOMITES and SEUL CONTRE TOUS.

In 2002 he received major public notice and outrage with the film IRREVERSIBLE mostly due to the much-publicised eight-minute rape scene. Starring real-life married couple Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel, the film is a brutal look at male violence shown in reverse chronological order.

Gaspar recently completed the short film SIDA (2006), a story set in Central Africa about three men infected by AIDS who call God to help them. SIDA has been selected for Cannes 2006 Out of Competition.

He is currently in pre-production with the feature film ENTER THE VOID.