Robert Nelson (1930-2012)
The Off-Handed Jape... & How to Pull It Off (1967)
The Off-Handed Jape is an afternoon’s lark made by Nelson and his artist friend William Wiley. The two men perform whimsical actions and poses for the camera, then recontextualize this imagery by improvising their own commentary on the action at a later time.

A humorous lesson in gestural acting from Dr. Otis Bird and Butch Babad, demonstrating such useful phrases as ‘the verge of remembering’ and ‘letting your friend know he’s forgotten to zip up his pants.’ (MW) ‘This film can be of immeasurable aid to would-be actors who are weak in the jape.’ (William T. Wiley)

One of Nelson's collaborations with painter and good friend of about 50 years, William T. Wiley. Dr. Otis Bird and Butch Babad are challenged to act out amusing and creative pantomimes while two voices are evaluating their success.