Werner Nekes (b. 1944)
Hynningen (1975)

Directed, Produced and Written by Werner Nekes
Original Music by Anthony Moore
Cinematography by Werner Nekes

Werner Nekes lives in Mülheim/Ruhr and teaches free art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg. Since 1965 he has made around 100 films and held professorships of film and media art in Hamburg, Wuppertal, Bochum, Offenbach, and Cologne; there have been numerous retrospectives of his experimental and documentary body of work worldwide; he has received awards for his films put-putt, jüm-jüm, Abbandono, Hynningen, Geflecht, T-WO-MEN, Beuys, Uliisses, Johnny Flash, and Was geschah wirklich zwischen den Bildern. Since 1983 his private collection on the early history of the visual media has been exhibited all over the world, including Frankfurt, Tokyo, Budapest, Bremen, Los Angeles, Colgne, Graz, London, Salzburg, and Hamburg. The collection is documented in the the six-part film series Media Magica and elsewhere, including the catalogues Ich sehe was, was Du nicht siehst —; Bilderwelten und Sehmaschinen, Die Wunderkammer des Sehens, and Eyes, Lies and Illusions.

Anthony Moore is composer and Professor at the Academy of Arts and the Media Cologne working on the theory and history of sound. Since 1969 he has composed a number of soundtracks for European experimental movies. In 1970 he moved to Hamburg where Polygram released several recordings of his work. In 1972 he formed the band Slapp Happy. From 1973 he worked in different European locations as a freelance composer, writing songs, film scores, and experimenting with sound. He has worked together with Pink Floyd and other musicians. From 2000 to 2004 he was elected Principal of the Academy in Cologne. Besides teaching, he continues making music and sonic installations. Recent Publications: Hommage to Pink Floyd, in: Zwischen Rauschen und Offenbarung, ed. F. Kittler, T. Macho, and S. Weigel (Berlin: Akademie, 2002). Electricity that shines into the light, in: FAKtisch. Festschrift für Friedrich Kittler, ed. P. Berz, A. Bitsch, and B. Siegert (Munich: Fink, 2003).