Werner Nekes (b. 1944)
Abbandono (1966-1970)
"Abbandono (1966 – 1970) is composed of material from for years' work. Maybe this is the reason why the film is one of Werner Nekes' most expressive and most replete with imagery. 'For and with Dore O.' – the quality of the pictures is more lyrical and more vivid than usual. Their composition however typically corresponds to his other films in the manner in which they recur. We see Dore running in a snowscape, dissolving into white, a view of red shingled roofs, falling snow; a corridor of passage, filmed in green monochrome and in such a way that the objects defining it are visible only in parts. Dore walks down the corridor and Werner sometimes too. The sound is among the best that Anthony Moore has created; a sequence of gently undulating, poignant tones that rise to a sharply sounding crescendo and then die away". (Tony Reif, Vancouver Cinémateque, Canada 1972)