Irene Moon

Plays of the Auk Theatre: various lengths, DV, 2005-2006

Auk of the Two Sisters (2006)
Bad Apple Auk (2006)
Conjur Auk (2006)
Dentist Auk (2006)
Monster Auk (2006)

Co-Creators: Matt Minter, Sara O'Keefe and Jeramy Midkiff
Camera by Thom, Jeramy Midkiff, John Will Fail, Robert Beatty, John Ferguson and Chad Patio. Except Beratal Auk which was shot by Ron Orovitz
Sound Production: Ben Fulton
Talent/Actors: Matt Minter, Jeramy Midkiff, Sara O'keefe, Trevor Tremaine, and Irene Moon
Music by the Collection of the Late Howell Bend, and composed by Irene Moon

Super 8 Series

The Insectavore (1997)
Perfectly Pleasant Decomposistion (1998)
Terroristic Entomology (1999)
P Dish (1999)
Suprizez (2005)
Snowflake (2005)
Court of Common Pleas (2006)
Early films from Moon with soundtracks created from field recordings of insects and equipment commonly found in a laboratory environment.

Films of Irene Moon and the Begonia Society

Born in Raleigh North Carolina and having lived near many southern state capitals in her career Irene began creating performances and films with the Melted Men, Deonna Mann and the Noisettes in Athens, Georgia during the late 90s. She moved to Lexington Kentucky in 2000 for her Masters degree in Entomology with a concentration in Insect Systematics and Evolution. In Lexington Auk Theatre evolved and the Collection of the Late Howell Bend (the creators of the soundtracks to the Auk Theatre) was established. Moon has a split career; working in the field of biodiversity informatics/entomology and musical performing. More information about can be found at and

Primarily thee visuals are the cake decoration for the soundtracks; to explain or emphasize the emotion of a composition it is best to watch its film to tell the listener how to feel or what is to be imagining while listening. All of the films should be listened to at a loud volume, as the soundtracks and associated music are intended for listening intently. These films are highly synthesized and predominantly fantasy. They are memories not processed, distortions of important details, that are often missed or not remembered. We learn early to make connections between objects and events in our world by only creating simple associations or connections. Soon such associations become static and affect any future memories or perceptions. Much of this behavior is learned and entire populations can follow the same pathway, reinforcing each other's correctness and general worldview no matter how boring. If this pathway is interrupted or disturbed it can yield a deep significance to the viewer and a new light, humorous and disturbing, on an average occurrence.