László Moholy-Nagy 1895-1946
Impressionen vom alten Marseiller Hafen (Vieux Port) (1929)
Duration: 10 minutes

""In this first film by Moholo-Nagy, the documentary description of everyday life in Marrseille leads to a study of the famous transporter bridge, which was a symbol of modernism for an entire generation of photographers and filmmakers."

""The famous transporter bridge shines in the middle of the landscape. It comes and goes tirelessly from one bank to the other. Foreigners admire its beauty. This suspended bridge is really a technical miracle of exceptionnal precision and finesse. The elegant construction, with steel bars supporting the movable bridge, offers an attractive show every time we have the pleasure of seeing the platform filled with men leaving for the other side, above the water, balancing and swaying softly." (Laszlo Moholy-Nagy)"