Ana Mendieta 1948-1985
Selected Film Works (1972-1981)
Time: 30 mins

Titles Included:

Black Ixchell Candle Ixchell
Blood Sign #2
Chicken Piece
Figura Gunpowder en los cracks
Figura que parece Egypta
Filmworks Rocas y humo
Grass Breathing
Labyrinth Blood Imprint
Volcan Arena y Explosion
Woman candle Silueta #2

Some of the films are presented in tandem in darkened interiors that resemble the caves where Mendieta sculpted some of her final works. One film depicts the artist lying naked in a creek, suggesting cleansing and rebirth. In another film, "Keane College Volcano" at Galerie Lelong, the wind is gently stirring a mound of ash that swirls up from a stone form's breast. The bluish powder twirls up and teasingly dissipates. This breathless little dance,this choreographed chance of the elements is the best. Ana Mendieta may have written her name on the earth in disappearing ink, but she did it so well that we can't erase it.