Ulrike Meinhof 1934-1976
Bambule (1970)
Runtime: 94 minutes
Language: German
Country: West Germany
Color: White and Black

Director: Eberhard Itzenplitz
Writer: Ulrike Meinhof

Dagmar Biener ... Irene
Petra Redinger ... Iv
Antje Hagen ... Erzieherin
Barbara Schöne ... Heidi
Christine Diersch
Helge Hennig

Description: Bambule, Ulrike Meinhof's television play, was published in script form in 1971, while Meinhof was still on the run. The publishing house of Klaus Wagenbach, which had been an unwitting partner in the ruse to free Andreas Baader from prison custody in May of 1970, published "Bambule."

This TV movie was pulled before it was to air on German TV in May of 1970; it seems that the writer of the script, Ulrike Meinhof, had become a terrorist shortly before the air date, and the film was shelved. In 1996 German TV finally showed "Bambule."

Bambule was the TV movie that Ulrike Meinhof had written about a group of girls rioting in their youth home. It was scheduled to air on Sunday, 24 May, at 8:15 PM. But Meinhof had helped free Andreas Baader from prison custody two weeks earlier, and Bambule never aired. It was eventually aired on German TV in 1997. The script was published in book form in 1971.

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