Julia Loktev b. 1969
Buildings (2004)

Duration: 20 min.
From Vito Acconci / Acconci Studio: Interiors. Buildings. Parks. (2004)

Vito Acconci (b. 1940) first became known for his performance and video art in the 1970s. Since then his work has developed in the direction of audio-visual installations. The nature of public space and the situation of art institutions inside their urban architectural environment comprise the current theme of his architectonic designs. In “Models for Tomorrow: Cologne” Acconci will show a selection of computer-animated models of public squares, interiors, and especially architectural 
structures, which are not only attractive jewels in urban structure, but also deal with the theme of the space in which the individual visitor acts. The DVD can be seen on a monitor reserved especially for the purpose in a commercial Internet café, the „Tele Café Köln–Am Dom.“ As a phenomenon, the Internet café is a typical post-public hybrid of private telecommunications and collective consumption of the same. Here, Acconci’s virtual work meets a post-public audience, parts of which are only present through the various communications channels in Cologne.