L.A. Rebellion: Creating a New Black Cinema (1971-2006)

Disc One: Africa and Diaspora

The Diary of an African Nun (dir. Julie Dash, 1977) [RT: 14:31]
African Woman, U.S.A. (dir. Ijeoma Iloputaife, 1980) [RT: 28:09]
L.A. in my mind... (dir. O Funmilayo Makarah, 2006) [RT: 4:20]
Black Art, Black Artists (dir. Elyseo J. Taylor, 1971) [RT: 15:39]
Festival of Mask (dir. Don Amis, 1982) [RT: 24:29]
Bellydancing: A History & An Art (dir. Alicia Dhanifu, 1979) [RT: 21:36]
Water Ritual #1: An Urban Rite of Purification (dir. Barbara McCullough, 1979) [RT: 5:44]
I & I: An African Allegory (dir. Ben Caldwell, 1979) [RT: 32:34]
Hour Glass (dir. Haile Gerima, 1971) [RT: 13:22]

Disc 2: We Are Family

Your Children Come Back to You (Alile Sharon Larkin, 1979) [RT: 29:41]
Rich (S. Torriano Berry, 1982) [RT: 21:17]
The Single Parent: Images in Black (M. Storme Bright, 1978) [RT: 20:58]
Fragrance (Gay Abel-Bey, 1985) [RT: 38:05]
Dark Exodus (Iverson White, 1985) [RT: 28:02]
Shipley Street (Jacqueline Frazier, 1981) [RT: 25:13]
Forbidden Joy (Imelda Sheen, 1972) RT: [10:32]

Disc 3: Day by Day

Several Friends (Charles Burnett, 1969) [RT: 21:26]
The Pocketbook (Billy Woodberry, 1980) [RT: 12:09]
A Little Off Mark (Robert Wheaton, 1986) [RT: 8:37]
A Day in the Life of Willie Faust, or Death on the Installment Plan (Jamaa Fanaka, 1972) [RT: 16:15]
Cycles (Zeinabu irene Davis, 1989) [RT: 16:17]
Brick by Brick (Shirikiana Aina, 1982) [RT: 36:05]
Daydream Therapy (Bernard Nicolas, 1977) [RT: 7:55]
As Above, So Below (Larry Clark, 1973) [RT: 52:27]
Rain/(Nyesha) (Melvonna Ballenger, 1978) [RT: 15:42]

"L.A Rebellion" refers to a group of filmmakers of African origin or descent who together produced a rich, innovative, sustained and intellectually rigorous body of work. Coming out of UCLA, they envisioned a new independent cinema, sensitive to the real lives of Black communities in the U.S. and worldwide. While the L.A. Rebellion produced a host of feature films, this DVD set focuses on the many short films produced by the group, representing a broad range of filmmakers.