Pitor Kamler b. 1936
Le labyrinthe (1969)
(12 min, colour, 1970 france; Piotr Kamler dir)
Music: Bernard Parmegiani

The landscape surveyed here might be the estranged interior of your typical East-European-émigré-animator's skull; with its deranged narrative values, artfully disturbed graphic style, and aggressive "musique concrete" sonorities, Kamler's are among the most astounding works you'll ever see...

In company of Walerian Borowczyk, Peter Foldes & Arcady, Kamler is successor to a prestigious tradition of East European émigré animators (think: Alexieff, Bartosch, Starewycz). Like their precursors, they are also among the most distinguished artists in cinema, celebrated for graphic style and narrative experiment. This film boasts a striking electronic soundtrack, from one of the finest 'musique concrete' composers (no surprise - this film was produced by the famous INA-GRM, the audio-visual research institute founded by electronic music pioneer Pierre Schaeffer.

-- Jim Knox, originally written for the OtherFilm Festival