Eduardo Kac b. 1962
Adhuc, 1991
Caption: Eduardo Kac, Adhuc, 12 x 16 inches (30 X 40 cm), digital holopoem, 1991, edition of 3. Collection Jonathan Ross , London; Collection Karas, Madrid; Collection Vito Orazem and Söke Dinkla, Essen, Germany. In Adhuc, as the viewer moves relative to the poem trying to read it, she perceives the manifold choreography of the basic words of the piece ("whenever", "four years", "or never", "far eve", "forever", "evening"). All the words refer to time in varying ways, contributing to an overall vagueness that could resist assessment at first sight. The muddled interference patterns that blend with the words help to create an atmosphere of uncertainty, not only concerning the visibility of the words but also about the meanings they ephemerally evoke. Adhuc is presented here as video documentation of an interactive reading experience.