NSK Embassy Moscow (1992)
Duration: 11 minutes

NSK Embassy Moscow (1992)
How the East sees the East, May 10 - June 10, 1992

NSK Embassy was conceptualized by Irwin as a month long live installation with a program of lectures and public discussions, organized in cooperation by Irwin and Eda Čufer. The project was part of Apt-Art International and co-organised by Ridzhina Gallery.

The apartement was simultaneously a living quarters for NSK members and an exhibition and performance space with works from series Kapital by group Irwin, posters by Novi Kolektivizem, works by guest artists Goran Đorđević, Mladen Stlinović and Milivoj Bijelić, Laibach videos by Retrovision and a special performance by Kozmokinetini kabinet Noordung.

The lecturers were Rastko Močnik, Marina Gržinić and Matjaž Berger from Slovenia, Vesna Kesić from Croatia, and Viktor Misiano, Valeri Podoroga, Aleksandr Yakimovich, Tatiana Didenko and Artiom Troitsky from Russia.The aim of the event was to confront the similar social and artistic contexts of the ex-Soviet Union and ex-Yugoslavia.

Black Square on the Red Square was executed with a help of friends and was part of the NSK Embassy Moscow project.