Åke Hodell 1919-2000
Directed by: Åke Hodell and Per Wiklund
Photo: Per Wiklund
Performers: Åke Hodell, Torsten Ekbom, Bengt Emil Johnson, Leif Nylén, Sissi Nilsson and Elisabeth Nylén.
Running time: 20 minutes.

This is one of the most essential DVD-releases of 2002, by the controversial Swedish text-sound poet Åke Hodell (1919-2000). "Lågsniff" is only screened once on Swedish television in 1965, and then creating such a stir that the film immediately was put into the dark vaults of SVT, where it has been hidden since.

Now the amazing visual recording of the event has been made available on DVD, 37 years after.

This experimental stageplay is a masterpiece in the use of live voices, (by fellow leading avantgardists of the time, Bengt-Emil Johnson, Leif Nylén a.o.) black and white cut ups and an innovative use of the camera.

Åke Hodell (April 30, 1919 - July 29, 2000, Stockholm, Sweden) was a Swedish fighter pilot, poet, author, text-sound composer, and artist. Son of author Björn Hodell and brother of actor Ulla Hodell.

Hodell was trained as a fighter pilot, but after a crash during practice July 17, 1941, he had to spend the next few years in hospital. This became a turning point and he became a dedicated antimilitarist. Lying in hospital he got to know author Gunnar Ekelöf and Hodell made his debut with Flyende Pilot in 1953. That same spring Hodell and Ekelöf travels to Rome. In his books, Hodell experiments with what he calls elektronismer, while he on stage and in radio in the early 60's works with text-sound composition. During this period he is also active at Pistolteatern in Stockholm. He also creates publisher Kerberos.

Åke Hodell in UbuWeb Sound