Gutai 1954-1972
GUTAI - Japanese Performance Art, 1956-1970
Duration: 1 hour

""Gutai art does not alter matter; it gives matter life... In Gutai art, the human spirit and matter, opposed as they are, shake hands... My respect goes out to the works of Pollock and Mathieu. Their works are the cries uttered by matter: by oil paint and enamel themselves." (Yoshihara, Gutai manifesto, 1956)

Very rare documentation of Japanese Performance Art. Horrible quality, but incredibly interesting.


Outdoor Gutai Art Exhibition, 1956
2nd Gutai Art Exhibition, 1956
Gutai Art on Stage, 1957
Gutai Art on Stage, 1956
Artists' Proceses, 1960
Don't Worry the Moon Won't Fall Down, 1966
Gutai Art Festival, 1970