Peter Greenaway (b. 1942)

Revolution (1967)
Vertical Features Remake (1978)
A Walk Through H (1978)
Peter Greenaway & Tom Phillips - A TV Dante (1989)
Lumière and Company - Peter Greenaway (1995)
Writing on Water (2005)

Four American Composers

Four American Composers: John Cage (1983)
Four American Composers: Philip Glass (1983)
Four American Composers: Meredith Monk (1983)
Four American Composers: Robert Ashley (1983)

s Peter Greenaway, CBE (born 5 April 1942) is a British film director. His films are noted for the distinct influence of Renaissance and Baroque painting, and Flemish painting in particular. The scenic composition and illumination and the contrasts of costume and nudity, nature and architecture, furniture and people, sexual pleasure and painful death are common traits in his films.