Dan Graham 1942-2022
Half Square Half Crazy (2005)
In honor of the centenary of the birth of architect Giuseppe Terragni, Dan Graham was invited to install a project in Como, Italy, on the square in front of Terragni's 1936 Casa del Fascio, a landmark of modern European architecture. Always interested in the way conventions of community create meaning, Graham designed a pavilion called "Half Square Half Crazy," which straddles the line between contemplative object and meeting point, a place of both reflection and exchange. The structure is made of reflecting glass and stainless steel and consists of four perpendicular sides, two of which are curved. This book presents exhaustive documentation of the Como pavilion together with a selection of recent works by Graham and two interviews with the artist. In addition, a DVD records the life of the pavilion from construction to inauguration, for valuable insight into Graham's working process.