Philip Glass
Einstein on the Beach: The Changing Image of Opera (1985)
Director: Chrisann Verges and Mark Obenhaus
Duration: 1 hour

In 1984, the landmark production of Einstein on the Beach was staged at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. It was the first time since 1976 that its principal creators - composer Philip Glass and director/designer Robert Wilson - had collaborated on restaging this tradition-breaking opera. Interviews with Glass and Wilson along with clips of rehearsals and performances offer insight into this important work, making it accessible to all audiences. The film is a rare look at the creative process of two of the most important figures in American contemporary music and theatre, essential viewing for everyone interested in the evolution of the performing arts in our century.

""A souvenir for those who know the work, and artfully constructed sample for those who don't."

--Karrie Jacobs, The Village Voice

""An enthralling elemental work, disturbing in only the best sense. The fact of its existence, of the awesome brilliance of its production, becomes a celebration of creation."
--Alan Rich, New York Magazine

""A cultural landmark of the first order...The heart of the Wilson-Glass opus with its mesmerizing choreography by Lucinda Childs, is mystery, from start to finish - the sense of mystery one feels when contemplating the infinite cosmos or the riddles of human consciousness..the imagery ranges from stylized spaceships to things as mundane as a chorus of singers brushing their>
--Alan Kriegsman, The Washington Post

Philip Glass in UbuWeb Sound