Four Walls

Dissociationism - an art movement at the end of the millennium (1996)

Four Walls was an artist collaborative event space. From 1984–2000, it hosted a wide range of one night activities, such as artist conversations, panel discussions, exhibitions, screenings and performances. The organization consisted of two consecutive phases from 1984–1988 in Hoboken, New Jersey and from 1991–2000 in the Greenpoint Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. Throughout its life Four Walls was situated in growing creative communities where it served to encourage an exchange of ideas and generated alternative ways of experiencing art.

Four Walls was an influential art space for creative experimentation that brought together a spectrum of visual artists and non-artists in a process of collective art making, exhibition and discussion. It hosted various types of events that were often theatrical in nature with a humorous and playful approach. Neither a commercial gallery nor a nonprofit, Four Walls had an informal and artist driven structure as opposed to a typical arts administration approach. In this regard, it was a self-sufficient anarchic structure that consciously avoided many relationships of the larger New York art market.