Dganit Elyakim (b. 1977)

Liberation Through Hearing (2021)

Liberation Through Hearing: Level 1 for Choir (2021)
Liberation Through Hearing: Level 2 for Recorders and Electronics (2021)
Liberation Through Hearing: Level 6 for Bass Clarinet and Electronics (2021)

Dganit Elyakim (b.1977, Tel Aviv) is a composer and sound artist, working across a broad spectrum of practices to depict various aspects of the human and digital paradigm. Exploring numerous artistic strategies that span from electro-acoustic, vocal, or chamber music through sound installation, video, and new-media work, her oeuvre attempts to reflect on philosophical, political, and ethical issues regarding the constantly evolving technologies. Elyakim studied composition at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague with Gilius van Bergeijk, Martijn Padding, and Clarence Barlow.


Dganit Elyakim in UbuWeb Sound