Don Cherry 1936-1995
Don Cherry's "Multikulti" (1994)
Duration: 59min.
Director: Ywe Jalander

Don Cherry is a musician of endless versatility. An innovative jazz trumpeter, he combined be-bop, middle eastern and African music to create a diverse music style that became his own. "Multikulti" is a quartet featuring international music, mainstream and reggae.

In a live concert recorded at the Days of Jazz Festival in Stuttgart, Germany, trumpeter/keyboardist/vocals Don Cherry, saxophonist/flutist/keyboardist Peter Apfelbaum, bassist Bo Freeman, and drummer Joshua Jones.

In this performance from the Days of Jazz Festival in Stuttgart, Don Cherry continues his fusion of jazz and world beat music, featuring African percussion and instruments. Peter Apfelbaum, Bo Freeman and Joshua Jones provide backing on such selections as "Trans Love Airways," "Rhumba Multikulti/Race Face," "Walk to the Mountain" and more.

Recorded live in concert at the Days of Jazz Festival in Stuttgart, Germany. Don Cherry, as well as singing vocals, plays the following instruments: Pocket Trumpet, Keyboards, Doussin Gouni, Melodica, African Percussion, and Flute. Tracks include: "Walk to the Mountain" "Rhumba Multikulti/Race Face" "When the Rain Comes" "Bemsha Swing" "Trans Love Airways"