Mircea Cantor (b. 1977)

Deeparture (2005)

Mircea Cantor (born 1977, in Romania) is a visual artist who has received wide acclaim for his subtle commentary on issues of contemporary society. This includes, on a larger scale, the positives and negatives of globalization. On a more specific scale, this includes characteristics of Romanian folk traditions such as with his photograph "'Hiatus"' (2008) which presents scaled-up version of traditional wool spindle or his other monumental work the "'Arch of triumph"' (2008).

His work follows in the tradition of Marcel Duchamp in that he employs Readymade objects or iconography to elicit the ambiguities of everyday life in this postmodern era of cultural overlap with the disintegration of cultural boundaries. Cantor's choice of media is diverse, in that he has employed video, animation, sculpture, drawing, painting, and installation in his practice.

Cantor's 2005 video work, "'Deeparture", which was on view in the contemporary galleries at The Museum of Modern Art, features a deer and a wolf together in a pristine white box environment which works to heighten the palpable tension. His visual effect is often ambiguous - often left for the viewer to make sense of. Cantor's work is included in The Museum of Modern Art, New York, the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, Pennsylvania as well as in other collections worldwide.

Mircea Cantor is represented in Paris by Yvon Lambert Gallery, in Tel Aviv by Dvir Gallery by and in Rome by Magazzino. -- Wiki