Joseph Beuys 1921-1986
Celtic (1970)
10 minute documentation excerpt

In 1970, a version was brought to Edinburgh as part of Beuys's presence for the action Celtic (Kinloch Rannoch) Scottish Symphony. Beuys's performance was described by Alastair MacKintosh as taking place in a large studio in the Edinburgh College of Art. Five tape recorders under the operation of Beuys's collaborator Henning Christiansen were running. Beuys's action was to sit, but with a "sense of concentration, of possessing himself...[he] scribbles on a board and pushes it around the floor with a stick in a forty minute circuit of Christiansen." (MacKintosh, Alastair, "Beuys in Edinburgh," Art and Artists, Vol. 5, No. 8, November 1970, p. 10) Films by Beuys, or rather from his studio, are shown, including one of Beuys traipsing around Rannoch Moor. He spends an hour and a half peeling bits of gelatin off the walls, putting them onto a tray and, with a convulsive movement, emptying it. Finally, he stands still for forty minutes. MacKintosh, though astounded at what is going on, admits he and the audience were impressed.