Don Amis
Festival of Mask (1982)
From L.A. Rebellion: Creating a New Black Cinema (1971-2006)

Filmmaker Don Amis was one of the very few Black student filmmakers at UCLA (including Carroll Parrott Blue and Denise Bean) working in a documentary mode. In this film, preparations, parade and performances from the Craft and Folk Art Museum’s annual Festival of Mask illustrate L.A.’s diverse racial and ethnic communities (African, Asian, Latin American) expressing themselves through a shared traditional form. —Jacqueline Stewart

Black Star Films. Producer: D. Amis. Screenwriter: D. Amis, Jennifer Amis. Cinematographer: D. Amis, Ben Caldwell, Dan Riesenfeld, Don Cropper, Jeff Fazio. Editor: D. Amis. Cast: Carmen Stetson.

16mm, color, 25 min.