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Isaac Luria (Aramaic, 1534-72)
A Poem for the Shekinah on the Feast of the Sabbath

I have sung
an old measure

would open
gates to

her field of apples
(each one a power)

set a new table
to feed her


drops its
light on us

Between right & left
the Bride

draws near in
holy jewels

clothes of the sabbath
whose lover

embraces her
down to foundation

gives pleasure
squeezes his strength out

in surcease of 

& makes new faces
be hers

& new souls
new breath

gives her joy
double measure

of lights & of
streams for her blessing

o Friends of the Bride
go forth

all's sealed
within her

shines out from
Ancient of Days

Toward the south
I placed

(o mystical)

room in
the north

for table
for bread

for pitchers of wine
for sweet myrtle

gives power to

new potencies

give her many
sweet foods to taste

many kinds of

for fertility

of new souls
new spirits

will follow the 32 paths
& 3 branches

the bride with
70 crowns

with her king who
hovers above her

crown above crown in
Holy of Holies

this lady all worlds are
formed in

of words for her
70 crowns

50 gates
the Shekinah

ringd by
6 loaves

of the sabbath
& bound

all sides to
Heavenly refuge

the hostile 

have left us
demons you feared

sleep in chains


See the note on Luria's A Poem for the Small Face for further details.

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