Electronic Musical Resources

Electronic Musical Resources: Patents

  1. Individuals
  2. Mics and Pickups
  3. Loudspeakers and Other Output Transducers
  4. Hearing Aids
  5. Recording Methods
  6. Generators and Musical Instruments
  7. Infra- and Ultrasound
  8. Speech and Vocoding
  9. Filters and Processors
  10. Unclassified

Please enjoy the following selection of patents with the understanding that it is not meant to offer a complete history or even a balanced account of sound inventions.

Indeed many of the patents included here represent bumpy byways rather than the direct path. Patents show the inventor's attempt to describe her/his work to others clearly, especially in images. As such, they can be illuminating, amusing, and confounding. Keep in mind that patents are granted for ideas, rather than working models. Many of the ideas represented here fly in the face of feasibility. Finally, similar ideas surface in different contexts and eras, making the classification here slightly arbitrary.

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