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  1. "Psychacoustic Phenomena in Musical Composition"
    Maryanne Amacher, 2008, Arcana: Volume III, editor John Zorn. [PDF]

  2. "Fantastic Coneless Loudspeaker"
    Dec 1965, Popular Mechanics. Article introducing vibration transducers to a general audience. Covers the work of William Ashworth. see Ashworth in the Patents section. [PDF]

  3. "Build a Fantastic Coneless Loudspeaker"
    Jun 1966, Popular Mechanics. Article describing the construction of a homemade vibration transducer. Plans by William Ashworth. see Ashworth in the Patents section. [PDF]

  4. "Image Processing and Video Synthesis"
    Stephen Beck, 1975 [PDF]

  5. "Interview with David Behrman"
    Jay Huff, 1972, The Composer vol4 n1. [PDF]

  6. "Neue Instrumente und Klangskulpturen: Ein Überblick"
    Hugh Davies, from "Echoes: The Images of Sound" Het Apollohuis.[PDF]

  7. "A Simple Ring-Modulator"
    Hugh Davies, Feb/Mar 1976, Musics. [PDF]

  8. "Making Analogs with a Magnet"
    Jacob Meyerowitz, Jul 1975, Analog Sounds. [PDF]

  9. "Making and Performing Simple Electroacoustic Instruments"
    Hugh Davies, 1981, Electronic Music for Schools" Richard Orton ed. [PDF]

  10. "Simple equipment for electronic music making"
    Andrew Bentley, 1981, Electronic Music for Schools" Richard Orton ed. [PDF]

  11. "Tones from out of Nowhere"
    Rudolf Pfenninger and the Archaeology of Synthetic Sound" Thomas Y. Levin [PDF]

  12. "Sounding Ornaments" Oskar Fischinger, 1932, Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung. [PDF]

  13. "Music in the Cartoon and Experimental Animated Film"
    Roy Prendergast, 1972, Norton. [PDF]

  14. "Max Neuhaus: Invisible Sculpture Molded Sound"
    Doris van Drathen [PDF]

  15. "Notes on Place and Moment"
    Max Neuhaus, 1993, First published in" Max Neuhaus: Sound Works, vol. I" Inscription (OstfildernStuttgart: Cantz, 1994). [PDF]

  16. "Production-Reproduction" & "New Form in Music. Potentialities of the Phonograph"
    Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, 1922 & 1923. [PDF]

  17. "A Ford to Travel: ONCE in Ann Arbor"
    Peter Yates, Sep 1975, Art & Architecture. [PDF]

  18. "Panel Discussion" Gordon Mumma & Alvin Lucier
    April 1970, Proceedings ASUC American Society of University Composers. [PDF]

  19. "Live Electronic Music"
    Gordon Mumma, 1974, in The Development and Practice of Electronic Music, ed. Appleton and Perera. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall. [PDF]

  20. Witchcraft, Cybersonics, and Folkloric Virtuosity"
    Gordon Mumma, Darmstadter Beitrage, Neue Musik, Musikverlag Schott, Mainz, Germany 1974, pp 71-77 Darmstadter Beitrage Neue Musik Band 14 [PDF]

  21. "Notes on a Piece for Tape Recorder"
    Vladimir Ussachevsky [PDF]

22. Richard Lerman Section

  1. "Richard Lerman"
    James Irwin, Jul 1986, Spiral #8 [PDF]

  2. "A Guide for working with Piezo Electric Disks to introduce Children to Issues of Acoustic Ecology and Sonic Creativity"
    Richard Lerman, paper was delivered at the June 1998 Conference of the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology in Stockholm, Sweden. From www.sonicjourneys.com. [PDF]

  3. "Piezo Disks, Audio Schematics, and a Condenser Mic"
    Richard Lerman. From www.sonicjourneys.com. [PDF]

  4. "Interview with Richard Lerman"
    Cantrill's Filmnotes, Dec 1986. #51-52, Melbourne Australia. [PDF]

  5. "How to Make a Tape Delay for 2 Sony Walkman Pro Cassette Recorders"
    Cantrill's Filmnotes, Dec 1986. #51-52, Melbourne Australia. [PDF]

  6. "Windharps"
    Richard Lerman, Nov 1995, Experimental Musical Instruments. [PDF]

23. NWDR Section
    ""A Special Collection of Twelve Papers on Electronic Music" translated by the National Research Council, Ottawa 1956. Published originally by the Northwest German Radio, as "Technische Hausmitteilung NWDR, 6: 4-54, 1954". These translations were copied and distributed widely in the fledgling American studios, though never published in the conventional sense.

  1. "TT-601: Electronic Music"
    Herbert Eimert [PDF]

  2. "TT-602: The Terminology of Electronic Music"
    Werner Meyer-Eppler [PDF]

  3. "TT-603 The Technical Facilities of the Electronic Music Studio [of the Cologne Broadcasting Station]"
    Fritz Enkel [PDF]

  4. TT-604 Magnetic-tape Technique"
    Fritz Enkel & Heinz Schuetz. [PDF]

  5. "TT-605 Filter Circuits for Electronic Sound Production"
    Karl-Heinz Adams [PDF]

  6. "TT-606 The Electronic Monochord"
    Friedrich Trautwein [PDF]

  7. "TT-607 The Melochord of the Cologne Studio for Electronic Music"
    Harald Bode [PDF]

  8. "TT-608 The Mathematical-Acoustical Fundamentals of Electrical Sound Composition"
    Werner Meyer-Eppler [PDF]

  9. "TT-609 The Production of Sound Effects for Radio Dramas"
    Fritz Enkel & Heinz Schuetz [PDF]

  10. "TT-610 The Place of Electronic Music in the Musical Situation"
    Herbert Eimert [PDF]

  11. "TT-611 Electronic Music Composition no. 2, 1953"
    Karlheinz Stockhausen [PDF]

  12. "TT-612 Problems of Electronic Music Notation"
    Herbert Eimert, Fritz Enkel, Karlheinz Stockhausen. [PDF]

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