Marcela Giesche

exFolia II

Marcela is a freelance artist currently based in Berlin, Germany. She holds a BFA/Diplom in dance and choreography from the Rotterdamse Dansacademie and The Ohio State University. She has received numerous scholarships including participation in the danceweb 2010 at Impulstanz. Marcela has danced for Bianca Van Dillen and Beppie Blankert in the Netherlands, with Neuer Tanz / VA Wölfl, and Thomas Ostermeier/Mikel Aristegui, and Veronika Riz in Germany, and for the Italian company Deja Donne (Simone Sandroni/Lenka Flory). She has taught and presented her own work in the USA, Canada, Brazil, and across Europe. In the past three years she has been working extensively with Bruno Caverna as a teacher, and choreographer and has also collaborated with Dutch designer Maria Blaise. She has been Artist in Residence at numerous Universities including Alfred University, Ohio State University, and Middlebury College. Marcela has created works in residence at Danswerkplaats Amsterdam, Dansateliers Rotterdam, OMI International Artist Collective – NYC, Mayday Dance festival – Antwerp, and at Schloss Broellin Germany. Her latest productions exFolia and Vertigo Project (with Siri Clinckspoor) were performed in residency at DOCK 11, Berlin. She has also been developing her own research in movement improvisation with strong focus on partnering, musicality, and spatial/energetic awareness, which she shares through workshops, and professional classes in the USA/Europe. Exploring the fertile crossing ground between dance on stage and movement/improvisation in the street continues to inform and inspire her creative work and life.