William Forsythe b. 1949
Evidentia (2002)
Duration: 84 minutes

Commissioned by Sylvie Guillem for her TV series Evidentia, 'Solo' was shot on B/W 16mm. Filmed in a disused Chocolate factory on the outskirts of Paris, 'Solo' won the Grand Prix International for Video Dance. It was broadcast on BBC2, PBS and France2 and screened at the Whitney Biennale in New York. 'Solo' is the result of a brave new improvisational technique from William Forsythe's choreography.

  • Choreographer: William Forsythe
  • Choreographer: Jonathan Burrows
  • Choreographer: Mats Ek
  • Music: J.S. Bach
  • Music: Thom Willems
  • Music: Kevin Volans
  • Music: Arvo Part
  • Performer: Sylvie Guillem
  • Performer: David Kern
  • Performer: Benedicte Loyen
  • Performer: Brian Reeder
  • Performer: Nicholas Ek
  • Performer: William Forsythe
  • Director: Thomas Lovell Balogh
  • Director: Adam Roberts
  • Director: Mats Ek
  • Director: Francoise Ha Van