Jérôme Bel (b. 1964)
Jérôme Bel (1995)
« (...) In unison, in the choreography Jérôme Bel by Jérôme Bel, they portray no less than the four basic principles of dance : light, music and the body inhabiting a space, which over the following fifty minutes of the piece illuminate and examine one another. Onstage, the bodies are what they are. And we learn just what they are through digits and names assigned to them in care of Jérôme Bel.(...) « What I tried with Jérôme Bel », he explains, « was to find a kind of « zero point of literature » for dance. I wanted to avoid two things : the erotic body and the perfectly muscular body, the body as warrior. Sex and power : in our entire culture (not only in dance) these stand for the two most dominating representations of the body, the primary instrument of dance, in a way that denies it its usual signs. » (...) Jérôme Bel concentrates on the smaller, almost invisible coded messages of the body that turn it into an art-body.(...) »