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the (you) a (man)(s) five words island(s) (1989)

brick, 5'x18'x2', "FOLKS"

wax, 3'x7x3", "honey"

ice, 4'x4'x10", "OX"

wax, 4'x4'x10", 3'x6x3", "OX", "coax"

Total of five words

This piece consisted of five large three-dimensional words of various materials. The site was a small Japanese garden made up of three islands that were connected by small footbridges. The lexicon grew out of the recognition of the site as a popular site for wedding photographs. The materials were chosen to enhance the interpretation of the words and their connection with the ceremony of marriage. "the (you), a (man)(s), island(s)" was commissioned by the City of Providence, RI for the Convergence II festival, 1989.

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