Martin Glaz Serup

The Field 100pp [PDF, 296k]
from Publishing the Unpublishable

Martin Glaz Serup was born in 1978 and has published six children's books, most recent an illustrated story entitled When granddad was a postman (2010), two chapbook-essays, as well as five collections of poetry, the most recent one being the long poem The Traffic Is Unreal (2007). Serup was the former founding editor of the Nordic web-magazine for literary critism and the literary journal Apparatur and managing editor of the poetrymagazine Hvedekorn. Now he's teaching creative writing at The University of Southern Denmark and at the writer's school for children's literature at The University of Aarhus. In 2006 Serup received the Michael Strunge Prize for poetry and in 2008 he recieved a Gold medal from The University of Copenhagen for his dissertation of Poetry and Relational Aesthetics. He's blogging at

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