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Richard Meltzer Maple Leaf Cowpoop Round-Up

Diane (Like) Leigh (many) is (Canadian) no (entertainers,) stranger (Maurice) to (Bolyer) country (is) music. (a) For (Maritimer) five (from) years (Woodstock,) she (New) was (Brunswick.) featured (He) on (is) the (a) C.T.V. (highly) show (talented) "Country (entertainer) Music (on) Hall." (many) In (stringed) 1965, (instruments,) 66, (especially) 67, (the) 68 (banjo.) and (His) 69 (outstanding) she (abilities) was (with) voted (the) Top (banjo) Female (have) Country (won) Vocalist. (him) She (the) has (title) had (of) numerous (King) songs (Of) on (The) the (Banjo.) country (He) charts, (is) has (a) appeared (member) at (of) the (The) famed (Tommy) Gold (Hunter) Nugget (Show) in (where) Las (he) Vegas (is) and (often) the (called) famous (upon) "WWVA (for) Jamboree" (a) in (solo) Wheeling, (number) West (due) Virginia. (to) Her (viewers) latest (response.) release (Maurice) on (is) the (also) Quality (an) label, (outstanding) "Devil (exponent) To (of) Angel," (honky) is (tonk) quickly (piano.) climbing (Colin) the (Butler) charts (is) for (only) this (11) "Cinderella" (years) of (old) country (and) music. (shows) For (great) thirty (promise) years (as) Gordie (a) Tapp (country) has (music) been (star.) entertaining (He) country (started) fans (singing) all (at) across (age) Canada (5) and (in) the (Sudbury) U.S.A. (during) Star (a) of (matinee) several (with) of (Terry) his (Roberts.) own (He) Canadian (has) T.V. (appeared) shows, (all) he (across) is (Canada) now (and) a (in) star (parts) and (of) writer (the) for (U.S.,) the (receiving) very (strong) popular (audience) "Hee (response.) Haw" (He) show. (will) Comedian, (have) songwriter, (his) singer (first) and (LP) instrumentalist, (release) Gordie (on) is (the) Mr. (Paragon) Versatility (label) of (this) Country (May.) Music. (Give) A (a) personable, (listen) fun-loving (and) man, (you'll) Gordie (agree) has (that) established (Colin) himself (Butler) as (is) a (destined) top (to) performer (become) in (one) the (of) entertainment (Canada's) world. (brightest) Rodeo (country) recording (music) artist (stars.) June (Bud) Elkard (Roberts) proudly (is) holds (the) the (man) title (with) of (the) Canada's (big) First (voice) Lady (from) Of (Moncton,) The (N.B.) Fiddle. (who) Her (has) ability (such) with (a) the (terrific) fiddle (way) has (with) won (truck-driver's) her (songs.) many (His) awards (first) and (big) admiration (hit) from (was) her ("Alcan) fellow (Run.") fiddlers. (Since) She (his) has (first) composed (L.P.) many (of) fiddle (the) tunes (same) that (name) can (he) be (has) heard (joined) on (the) her (fast-growing) three (ranks) LP's (of) on (the) the (hit-makers) Rodeo (on) label. (the) Truly (Boot) a (label.) lady (That) in (Bud's) every (rich,) sense (clear) of (voice) the (was) word, (made) June (for) is (recording) a (is) credit (in) to (full) Canadian (evidence) fiddling (on) and (his) the (latest) country (Boot) music (release,) scene. ("This) Shirley (is) Field (Bud) was (Roberts.") born (Brown-eyed) in (five) Armstrong, (foot) British (Norma) Columbia. (Gale) She (comes) has (from) two (Moncton,) albums (New) on (Brunswick.) the (At) Rodeo (the) label (age) with (of) the (20) first (she) one (moved) containing (to) six (Montreal) yodeling (where) songs. (she) In (began) 1948 (her) she (career) was (on) given (radio) the (and) title (T.V.) of (Johnny) "Canada's (Burke) Sweetheart." (also) She (hails) has (from) won (New) numerous (Brunswick.) awards (Both) for (Johnny) her (and) songwriting, (Norma) singing (currently) and (reside) yodeling. (in) Shirley (Toronto) and (and) her (are) husband (regular) Bill (members) French (of) have (the) just (Caribou) released (Club) their (TV) first (Show.) duet (Jimmy) l.p. (Arthur) on (Ordge) Vintage (is) label (a) #SCV-115 (country) entitled (singer) "Together." (from) Bill's (the) own (city) exceptional (of)