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Bruce McLean

King for a Day and 999 other pieces/ works/ things/ etc.

(proposal for a retrospective at the Hayward Gallery. London, incorporating the "piece a minute show" and the "World's fastest speed sculpture piece in the world piece.")

1. King for a day piece.
2. Wear a hat with a silver lining piece.
3. Fools rush in and make the new art.
4. Art is a many splendoured thing piece.
5. McLean and the Nude work.
6. McLean and the still life piece.
7. McLean and the portrait work.
8. McLean and the Landscape, Lakescape, etc.
9. Take a line for a walk piece.
10. Piece for specific part of the body.
11. Head work.
12. Footwork.
13. Leg work.
14. Arm work.
15. Mouth work (sounds).
16. Caro revisited work.
17. King revisited work.
18. Tucker revisited work.
19. A fresh look at Henry Moore (piece).
20. Impression work.
21. Face piece (smiling).
22. Face piece (smiling laughing simultaneously) sound.
23. Multi/facial expression work.
24. Put yourself in my place, thing.
25. Joke piece (visual sound) multi mixed media.
26. Peep toe piece (wearable).
27. Skiff, scuff, clomp piece (wearable).
28. Run, jump, stand, piece.
29. Sound piece for wearables, (shoes).
30. Portrait of the Pond Barnes by Alexander Saville, work.
31. Taking it easy, work, relaxay voo hooo.
32. Disposable work.
33. Throwaway work.
34. Kickaway work.
35. Blowaway work.
36. Good-bye London piece.
37. Hallo New York piece.
38. Round the world in 1/2 an hour work. J Saville.
39. Selection from last day of the decade work.
40. Medley work from last day of the Decade. Wearable 'hats'.
41. Sculpture of the Seasons.
42. Painting of the week, work.
43. Piece for Mecca Ballrooms (Moon Rock Shuffle).
44. My latest offering Piece of thing.
45. 9 postcards of the Barnes Area.
46. Torn tit book work. (crimble crumble). found.
47. Painting piece. Floor. Portrait.
48. Wall painting piece. Portrait.
49. Portrait of some people. Work.
50. Song, joke and dance piece, thing. Work.
51. Studio, art piece. (objects).
52. The maquette studio, art piece.
53. The garden studio piece (art). Barnes.
54. Mother and child art work.
55. Head of a friend. Art work.
56. Standing figure piece.
57. Reclining art piece.
58. Seated figure art piece.
59. Torso art piece.
60. Forum, art work.
61. Icarus art work.
62. Eclectic. piece.
63. No. 1 work.
64. Constructional relief art work.
65. Floataway piece (documentation).
66. Three studies for a portrait (Self).
67. Three studies for a floorskape.
68. Three studies for a wallskape.
69. Three studies for a door skape.
70. Polished floor piece.
71. Washed door work.
72. Re-allocation work.
73. 10 walk/around carry about disposable piece.
74. Fold up/hang away work for specific situation.
75. Song, joke and dance piece thing work 2nd version.
76. Portrait of the Artist as a young man. Art work.
77. Portrait of the Artist at the present moment, work.
78. Dying King for a day piece.
79. Blue on blue thing.
80. White on white.
81. The artist's palette, 1st stage work.
82. Conversation piece.
83. Late on evening (moonskape reflection thing)
84. Pose piece.
85. Super duper super star, thing.
86. Rhythm of the falling rain, pitter patter on the pane (art work).
87. Nude with a view work.
88. Composition for triangle, cube cone and sphere.
89. The artists palette, 2nd stage.
90. Crucifiction piece.
91. Triptych, art work.
92. Two forms. Art work.
93. Aphrodite at the water hole piece.
94. Three graces study. Art work.
95. Another look at Henry Moore Piece.
96. All artists dream of Paris Art Work.
97. Action piece.
98. Hum (sound) art piece.
99. Whistle. (sound) art work.
100. Song, joke and dance piece thing work 3rd version.
101. Speed sculpture piece.
102. Slow sculpture art work.
103. Portrait of Bernard Cohen mending his art nouveau lamp. (work).
104. Tony Car reflected in his early one morning, (work).
105. Philip King in his studio Portrait. (piece).
106. Portrait of David Hockney, Bitypch. (piece)
107. High speed action piece.
108. Breakthrough art work. (piece)
109. Major breakthrough (piece) study.
110. Breakthrough 1.
111. Breakthrough 2.
112. Breakthrough 3.
113. Smell art (study piece).
114. Smell piece, (for specific environment).
115. 10 part installation work for heads (specific).
116. 25 part installation work for hands, (unfinished).
117. Work of the Decade thing.
118. Last piece of the decade (1970).
119. First piece of the Decade.
120. Memory piece.
121. Remember Alan Davie with his Poodle piece.
122. Remember Anthony Caro (piece work).
123. Portrait of artists' pub at lunchtime piece.
124. Collectors piece.
125. Song and dance action piece work. 4th version.
126. Eat work.
127. Laugh work.
128. Smoke work.
129. Wink work.
130. Talk (piece).
131. Fun at work.
132. Subterranean floataway piece.
133. Puddle piece. Wet and dry. work.
134. 150 ft. seascape (Largibeg).
135. Define a space with you (piece).
136. Define a space with friends. Piece.
137. Define a space with sticks, poles anything (stuff).
138. Getting into the gallery scene. Work.
139. Getting out of the Gallery scene piece.
140. Meeting people piece. (friends of the Tate).
141. Mingle work/piece. Multi media.
142. Multi media thing/piece/work.
143. Revived 25 piece. From way back last month Piece.
144. People say I'm the life of the party, work.
145. Cloudscape. Nos. 1-24.
146. Shadow pieces (a selection).
147. Stepping into reality Piece.
148. Working my way back to you piece.
149. Installation Barnes Pond Area.
150. Song/dance/joke/actin Piece, work. 5th version.
151. Piece with yellow chair, feather and Firework. (work).
152. Gouache work paper/cut outs etc., piece.
153. Large studio piece.
154. Studio in the country work.
155. The artist and his wife work.
156. The artist and his model (second version) 1st state.
157. The green cupboard installation piece, for rooms.
158. Boy with a dustpan and brush. Art work.
159. Transition . (piece).
160. Dancing girl piece.
161. Walking girl piece.
162. Portrait of the artist as a young man piece.
163. Documentation project piece, 20 photos of walls, archway st.
164. Sand-pile revisited, Barnes.
165. Pond at Barnes Reappraisal, work.
166. Glass on grass piece.
167. 4 part installation for 2 armchairs 1 sofa 1 room.
168. Wall/floor piece.
169. Guy Fawkes piece (smoke) etc.
170. Two part Kickaround.
171. Paint in your gutter piece.
172. Hoax art work for specific audience.
173. 3 part Lakeskape for Lake Washington.
174. 10 part disposable piece Barnes pond area.
175. 2 hour walk and stand piece (specific location).
176. Song Kick joke smile laugh, artwork 6th version.
177. Installation for specific part of the body, 1 underarm.
178. Installation for specific part of the body, 2 crutch.
179. Installation for specific part of the body, 3 mouth.
180. Installation for specific part of the body, 4 ear.
181. Installation for specific part of the body, 5 nose.
182. Installation for specific part of the body, 6 arse.
183. Installation for specific part of the body, 7 hair (public?).
184. Installation for specific part of the body, 8 eyes.
185. Edible art work.
186. Drinkable art work.
187. Poem piece (rhyming)
188. super duper star art work. 2nd version.
189. Dance piece for Ballrooms (spotlights).
190. Instruction piece for Ballrooms (RF forward and across in PP).
191. Participation piece.
192. Latest offering piece. art work.
193. McLean in the boy's Gym.
194. Touch piece, grip grope grab art work.
195. An evergreen memory piece. Art work.
196. 'There Grassy Places' art work.
197. Erotic porno piece, artwork.
198. Hopscotch (Anthony Caro) executed (art work).
199. Etching (a day in the life of an etcher) Piece.
200. Acquisition piece. thing.
201. Song/dance joke laugh cough. Art piece/work etc. 7th version.
202. Fresh look at the last 200 pieces (piece).
203. Think piece.
204. Installation for super duper markets. (work).
205. Retrospective art piece.
206. Art as object (work).
207. Climb every mountain (piece).
208. Walk every highway (piece).
209. Climb every rainbow (piece).
210. Mickey Mouse cult piece.
211. Jimmy Young (edible piece).
212. My love sculpture grows where my Rosemary goes (piece).
213. Heavy rock/jazz (sound installation work).
214. Moving around the Tate (art work).
215. Everybody's talking about it (oral piece).
216. Dig your garden (work).
217. Mow your lawn. (work).
218. Cut your grass (work).
219. Edge your lawn. (work).
220. Dig that crazy rhythm, piece.
221. The artist as a baker. (work).
222. The artist as a bricklayer, (work).
223. The artist as an artist. (piece).
224. The artist as a guy next door. (piece).
225. The artist as a man, (piece/thing/work).
226. Song dance laugh cough action piece. 8th version.
227. Spring landscape work, incorporating nude scape piece.
228. Three nudes in a landscape.
229. Nude coming downstairs, art work.
230. Mirror works. 1. Nude before the mirror.
231. Nude behind the mirror. Piece.
232. Hokey cokey (art thing work).
233. Big rock candy mountains, revisited. 234. Portrait of a concept artist at work.
235. Great green nude (art work).
236. Blue period piece.
237. Helen Lessore in the now defunct Beaux Arts Gallery (piece)
238. Kasmin and Lord Dufferin in the Kasmin Gallery (pose piece).
239. Was Harold Cohen influenced by his daughter's Shirt? Piece.
240. Great Birthday Cake piece.
241. Exploding cake action/packed. Piece.
242. The great big No. 1 catalogue piece.
243. The Artist as another artist Piece 1st version.
244. A star in your head piece.
245. Be mine tonight piece.
246. I'll give you a card piece.
247. Cod Piece.
248. Happy birthday cake piece 3rd version.
249. I'll be your Maple Pecan tonight piece.
250. Song dance party cough piece 9th version.
251. St. John the Baptist, Piece. After Sesto Florntine.
252. David, work, McLean.
253. Christ Risen piece.
254. Hercules and Cacus piece, after Michelangelo.
255. Bust piece.
256. The portrait statue piece.
257. Equestrian work.
258. Three plaster duck chimney piece.
259. Big bronze male nude fountain piece.
260. Screen sculpture work.
261. The door of paradise piece.
262. Bacchus piece.
263. Apollo piece.
264. Mercury. piece.
265. Cupid draw back your bow.
266. Untitled 1.
267. Untitled 2.
268. Sopni moonlight work.
269. McLean overcoming the Devil work.
270. Piece a minute show. 10 throwaways.
271. Cod Piece (installation for specific part of the body).
272. Bathing nymph (work).
273. Venus at her bath. (work).
274. Cupid with his bow (work).
275. Mercury writhing on a rock (work).
276. The agony in the garden (work).
277. The Immaculate conception (piece).
278. The Plastic age (work).
279. Instant artpiece in 10 parts work a second work.
280. Serious art piece. (for serious people Piece).
281. Water pieces a selection. Skiffer piece.
282. Splash piece.
283. Plop piece.
284. Trickle piece.
285. Flow piece.
286. Skoosh piece.
287. Slop piece.
288. A selection of smell pieces. Fragment piece.
289. Aroma piece.
290. Pong piece.
291. Stink piece.
292. Odour piece.
293. Perfume piece.
294. Pungent piece.
295. Smoke piece.
296. Fume piece.
297. Scent piece.
298. Reek piece.
299. Whiff piece.
300. Aromatic piece.
301. Spill piece.
302. Overflow work.
303. Leak piece.
304. Drip Work.
305. Bubble work.
306. Steam piece.
307. Bathe piece.
308. Song and dance piece (1970) style.
309. Sound work for interview situation (Homage to James Mossman).
310. Homage to our heroes (a selection, Simon, Mick, John etc.).
311. Good sculpture is back again (da da da da da, da da da da da da).
312. 'A rolling stone makes a sculpture' work.
313. People who make art in glass houses, work.
314. Too many artists tart 'Fuckup, piss, arse, air' piece.
315. A sculpture in the hand tactile piece.
316. Three nudes in a fountain Piece.
317. Sunday painting piece/work.
318. Little blue nude (1st version).
319. Little blue nude with a vase (1st version).
320. Little blue nude against a blue background. (1st version).
321. Little blue nude with a glass of water and a vase (1st version).
322. Little blue nude with a nude man piece (1st version).
323. Little blue nude with a tablecloth (1st version).
324. Little blue nude smiling (1st version).
325. Little blue nude (2nd version).
326. Potato against a black background, work.
327. Scone of a plate work.
328. Little blue nude 3rd version.
329. Marathon art work.
330. Type art piece.
331. Little blue nude 4th version
332. Homage to David Smith work/piece.
333. Homage to Jackson work piece.
334. Homage to Jim Reeves, Work/piece.
335. Homage to Buddy Holly, work/piece.
336. Homage to homaging activities, work/piece.
337. Homage to Little Blue nude work/piece.
338. Homage to the big green nude, Piece.
339. Homage homage all the way piece. the end.
340. Reclining artist piece/work.
341. Reclining friend piece/work.
342. Seated nude with feather, work.
343. Seated blue nude with feather, comb, work.
344. Seated blue nude with feather, comb, mirror, work.
345. Seated blue nude with feather comb, mirror, toffee apple, work.
346. Standing figure with mirror (male) piece.
347. Reclining figure with mirror (porn piece) male.
348. Pigeon, fence, shed, wallpaper, work/piece/thing/
349. Yawn piece/work/thing.
350. Happy sculptures are here again, piece, incorporating the 10th performance of the sculpture a minute show (piece).
351. Little blue nude piece, 5th version.
352. Portrait of naked man with leg (knee) on tree stump. Piece.
353. Portrait of venus after her bat with hen, Piece.
354. Portrait of man on a horse with its hoof on a sphere. Piece.
355. Piece of the year piece (work) 2nd version.
356. Statue piece of a Caro work/piece.
357. Ther'll be a sculpture in the Hillside, Piece.
358. Ther'll be a sculpture in the dale, piece.
359. An apple a day makes 365 art/works a year, piece.
360. Wrap your sculpture in stuff, and give it away, piece.
361. Merry little trotter (dog) piece/work.
362. Good sturdy fellow (dog) piece.
363. Bed (work).
364. Light bulb (work).
365. Table (work).
366. Deck chair (work).
367. Fruit-bowl (work).
368. Woman combing her hair (work).
369. Little classic head piece (work).
370. Cactus man piece, (work).
371. Free abstraction piece (work).
372. Garland of buds, pieces.
373. Early bird finds the new art. Piece.
374. Abstract figure piece (work).
375. Monument for the new art. Work.
376. Caryatid (work).
377. The kiss Piece.
378. Head of a boy piece. smiling state.
379. Little blue nude piece (5th version).
380. Small nude piece minus head, legs, arms.
381. Desiree/piece.
382. Mobile in 29 parts. Piece.
383. He who laughs last makes the best sculpture piece.
384. Man with hole in pocket makes art all day? piece.
385. Acrobat on a horse piece (first stage).
386. Study for a rain sculpture.
387. Pictorial composition. work.
388. Bonfire night (composition piece).
389. Woman sewing piece.
390. Woman reading piece.
391. Woman thinking piece.
392. Woman laughing piece.
393. Woman talking piece.
394. Little blue nude piece (6th version).
395. Mercury flashing his heel wings. piece.
396. Sleeping beauty (work).
397. Shepherd holding a lamb. piece.
398. Big black nude with glass of water, work.
399. Big black nude with glass of water and a pair of scissors.
400. Big black nude with glass of water and a pair of scissors and a tarpaulin piece.
401. Assemblage piece.
402. Dealers choice piece.
403. Earthworks piece, mixed media.
404. Mew mode piece.
405. The photographic image piece.
406. The art of the sculpture whizz kid, piece.
407. Flyaway seams, and Tony Curtis Homage piece.
408. Blowout freak piece.
409. Banana skin piece. (work).
410. Piece for bell bottomed trousers (work) installation.
411. Take off work (zoom).
412. Vertical ice piece (ice on ice).
413. Floating away fire piece (Beverley Brook) & Thames and Channel.
414. Remember Charlie Gracie, (wandering eye piece).
415. Homage to Larry Williams (short fat fanny, boni maroni) work.
416. Walking in the rain piece.
417. The little white cloud that cried, work.
418. Sponge foot installation piece.
419. Sponge piece for the feet (installation) work.
420. Painting those blue skies piece.
421. Blue skies nothing skies (work). Nothing but blue skies, etc.
422. Blue skies following me (piece).
423. Hallo young lovers in the Tate tea room piece.
424. Hallo hallo hallo Mr. McLean's 5 little sculptors sing for you, (piece).
425. Song Dance cough laugh piece. 11th version.
426. 'The fall of man piece'.
427. 'The risen Christ piece'.
428. The archangel Michael work, after Hans Reichle.
429. Cupid and Psyche, work.
430. Psyche, abandoned, work.
431. Walking man with head missing, piece.
432. Walking man with head and 1 arm missing, piece.
433. Walking man with head and 1 arm and 1/2 leg missing piece.
434. Walking man with head, ar, & 1/2 a leg and section of the torso. (piece).
435. Seated torso piece.
436. Seated torso with separate head on same plinth piece.
437. Three forms abstract piece.
438. My brother paints bridges piece.
439. Drapery work (for interior installations).
440. Mixed multimedia piece.
441. Terracotta work, (little brown nude) 1st version.
442. Big still-life work.
443. Larger than life, still-life work.
444. The biggest larger, still-life, than life, still-life in the world (piece).
445. The smallest still-life in London (work).
446. Big brown landscape piece.
447. Another look at Henry Moore (piece) 3rd version.
448. Early one morning, after 'Caro'. work.
449. Tra la la la and the Xmass pudding piece after 'King' Piece.
450. Song, dance tra. la, la, la cough smile piece. 12th version.
451. Calling in on Nigel piece. (joke) with undertones, work.
452. Portrait of the artist as portrait as portrait, piece.
453. Goodbye baby blue, work/thing piece.
454. It's all over now, baby blue, work/piece/thing.
455. Homage to baby blue, piece.
456. Baby blue meets the little blue nude piece.
457. Baby blue goes grey over you, work/thing/piece.
458. Jump in piece
459. Jump out piece.
460. Jump all over piece.
461. Heh there you with the art in your eyes piece.
462. She makes art when she walks piece/work/thing. 463. Piece within a piece, piece.
464. Piece without a piece, piece.
465. The artist as your friendly bore, piece.
466. Concealed art as hidden as art, piece.
467. Installation for interiors of soft furniture piece/thing/work.
468. Multimedia piece for doors (interiors) piece.
469. Heavy rock soft roll and Bruce McLean package work second stage. (piece).
470. Homage to heavy rocks & soft rolly polly art. 471. Homage homage homage piece. part 1 second phase.
472. Hallo young sculptors you're under arrest, piece.
473. Waiter Waiter, there's a sculpture in my soup Piece.
474. I say I say a funny sculpture happened on my way to the retro.
475. Little blue nude No. 50. 10th series, piece.
476. Happy sculpture is here again, work/piece/thing.
477. A new and long hard look at sculpture in the fifties piece incorporating the Ken Armitage show featuring Lynn Chadwick.
478. Sad art, a precis, piece.
479. Art as issue as issue, work/piece.
480. Terracotta turd, piece No. 2
481. Sculptor as a superman? piece.
482. Artist as a bore as a bore piece.
483. Ken Russell drink piece.
484. Keep that white line going to the end of the road piece.
485. Walk in, piece.
486. Sit in piece.
487. Talk in piece.
488. Laugh in piece.
489. Smoke in piece.
490. Choke in piece.
491. Reassessment of the last 491 pieces, part 1 piece.
492. All I have to do is dream, work/piece.
493. Photographic piece, 10 front doors. Barnes area.
494. Falling Warrior piece.
495. Wounded Warrior piece.
496. Warrior with falling horse, piece/work.
497. There's a blue ridge round my world, concept piece.
498. Art begins at home (spoken piece)
499. Happy piece for happy people piece.
500. Cough song dance laugh smile scream and shout piece.
501. The Legendary Bruce McLean Show, work piece.
502. The new look Bruce McLean Show, piece work.
503. Little blue nude with box of raspberries, part 1/work.
504. 10 pink, pretty performing pigeons (parrots) piece.
505. Stiff leg & baton, installation work.
506. Plaster foot 'joke' piece.
507. Sound piece for hammer, chisel and a piece of portland work.
508. Heavy rock, soft roll combo ensemble and many other works.
509. Throw your voice (concept piece).
510. [UbuEditor Note: #510 is skipped in original]
511. Swing your leg, work.
512. 'Do your thing' work. Installation piece Nos. 1-25.
513. Get in the groove piece/work.
514. Little blue nude, with parasol or portable roof. 515. The return of the big brown bronzed nude (male) work.
516. Heavy rock soft roll and Bruce McLean package work.
517. Clichi, cliche work No.
517. 518. Batoning piece, 40 batons, work.
519. 20 square feet polythene piece.
520. The joke dance cough smile laugh section again 13th ver.
521. The 'Artist's' wife, but a moment piece.
522. Little blue nude, with blue drapes, taste work.
523. The loudest smell in the world piece.
524. Installation for coat, carnation piece.
525. Photograph of the artist's home when he was a young man, piece.
526. Selection of sound pieces for the mouth. Shout piece, scream piece.
527. Scream piece.
528. Gargle piece.
529. Moan Piece.
530. Chatter piece.
531. Chorkle piece.
532. Giggle piece.
533. Hum piece.
534. Whine piece.
535. Hiss piece.
536. boo piece.
537. Grumble piece.
538. [UbuEditor Note: skipped in original]
539. [UbuEditor Note: skipped in original]
540. [UbuEditor Note: skipped in original]
541. Stutter piece.
542. Snigger piece.
543. Chew piece.
544. Crunch piece.
545. Spit piece.
546. Sing piece.
547. Blow piece.
548. Puff piece.
549. Such Piece.
550. Wheeze piece.
551. A quick Richard Long piece.
552. A slow Barry Flannagan piece.
553. Remember Mark Bolus, work/piece.
554. Extension piece.
555. Two part hit about work.
556. 1 part hit about work.
557. I left my art in San Francisco, piece.
558. High on a hill piece.
559. When I come home to you San Francisco, piece.
560. There's a sculpture on my shoulder, piece
561. And the sky piece is blue above, piece.
562. Good-bye song piece.
563. If I knew that you were coming I'd have made some 'art' piece.
564. Definition of a smell piece.
565. 'Dear old Stan Broybynn' piece.
566. Gallery going, work/piece.
567. Headless female nude, work with green tarpaulin, piece.
568. Cut your hair piece.
569. Clean your teeth piece.
570. Comb your hair piece.
571. Cut your nails piece.
572. Brush your suit piece.
573. Polish your shoes piece.
574. Pick your nose piece.
575. Scratch your arse piece.
576. Watch T.V. piece.
577. Listen to your radio piece.
578. Phone your mother piece.
579. Close the door piece.
580. Open the door piece.
581. Shut your mouth piece.
582. Close your eyes and I'll kiss you piece.
583. pose piece. 583rd. version. piece.
584. Pose piece. 584th. version. piece.
585. So much for the 585th. version piece.
586. Talk to your friend piece.
587. Talk to your enemy piece.
588. Do unto others as you'd have them to you do, piece.
589. Anti pompous crap poem reading piece.
590. Anti Anti piece.
591. Anti, Anti, Anti piece.
592. Cliche, cliche, cliche, cliche, cliche piece, OK?
593. Interlude as art, as interlude as art, piece.
594. Bill Turn-bull walking about he Whitechapel (sick) piece.
595. Bill Turnbull looking through a window whilst the rain pours down, piece/work.
596. Totem piece, after Turnbull, after.......
597. Hop, skip and a jump piece, No. 10 piece................
598. ...............................piece (20 spots) piece.
599. Little nudes (a Melange) piece.
600. Piece 600 piece only 1,400 pieces to go piece.
601. Another "breakthrough piece".
602. Time piece.
603. Brush work, work. (Crimble crumble).
604. Palette Knife, piece/work.
605. Picture as palette as picture piece.
606. Fun fun art is here to stay piece.
607. Think of a sculpture, double it, work.
608. Think of a tune sing it, piece.
609. Think of a smell, make it, piece.
610. Collapsable art, a possibility piece.
611. Demountable sculpture piece.
612. Inflatables! inflatables, work.
613. Drip art piece.
614. The next medium piece.
615. The last medium piece.
616. The one before the last medium piece.
617. Stick ons piece/work.
618. Getarounds piece.
619. Precious art piece.
620. Tangible art piece.
621. ...................../piece.
622. ..................../piece.
623. 33333333333333333333piece.
624. 333-333 piece No. 3.
625. Portable roof art, art as a roof. (wear a roof with a silver lining piece) piece.
626. Little blue nude come dance with me. Work.
627. Revived 25 Joke piece, internal.
628. Golden oldie piece (Icarus 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and 10).
629. The sculptor as the award winner, piece.
630. The sculptor of the year award, piece.
631. The most promising newcomer in the sculpture scene, piece.
632. Come sculpting. Section 1. The off-beat Piece/Work.
633. Section 2 in the come sculpting piece, formation piece.
634. Section 3 the Latin American piece.
635. The North meets the South piece. Including moonrock piece-2.
636. Mr. Sculpture. 1970 piece.
637. Tomorrow's sculpture piece/work.
638. Yesterday's sculpture. Work/Piece.
639. Unfinished, piece/work.
640. Chocolate hormone Sundae, piece.
641. Heading for better Art piece/work.
642. Sunshine through the mit piece.
643. Wild geese piece.
644. Wild art piece.
645. Art as therapy, as therapy. Piece.
646. Mantle piece.
647. Coffee table piece.
648. Sideboard art a selection.
649. Window Art, piece/work/thing.
650. Song and Dance piece.
651. .dot piece.
652. ................................ piece/work.
653. 666 333 = 333 work/piece.
654. ------- + 000000 = a piece.
655. 1 0000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 piece, a sand piece.
656. 5 Quick pieces, piece a sec, piece a minute show.
657. A good piece/work.
658. A bad piece/work.
659. A sculptural ramble piece/work/thing.
660. Magic pieces things etc.
661. Time for serious art piece. Piece.
662. Little blue nude returns, work.
663. Little blue nude meets big brown bronzed male nude piece.
664. Put your right leg in work.
665. Put your right leg out work.
666. Then shake it all about piece.
667. Quick flash back piece to re-look at Henry Moore piece.
668. Exploding nude and a table sculpture.
669. Bruce McLean's attitude piece/work.
670. Standing nude work 1970.
671. Woman with amphora piece.
672. Composition with feather, pineapple, wine bottle, curtain, chair, table, clothes horse, tobacco jar, woman, bowl. Piece.
673. Wife sitting in the Bath work.
674. The Black door piece.
675. Little blue nude (memory piece)
676. Draped and clad torso piece.
677. Torrid torso piece.
678. Sculpture of the torso piece.
679. Sculpture as torso, as torso.
680. Light art piece.
681. Dark art piece.
682. Sense art. Piece.
683. Normal art piece.
684. Abnormal art piece.
685. Ordinary art. Work.
686. Extraordinary art. Piece.
687. Fire art piece.
688. Soot art.
689. Gas art piece/work.
690. Be bop a loo bop, piece.
691. Be bee boop bop a loo be bop, piece.
692. Song and dance piece + illuion piece.
693. Unfinished piece No. 5.
694. Unfinished piece No. 6.
695. Unfinished piece No. 7.
696. Unfinished piece No. 8.
697. Unfinished piece/work No. 9.
698. Spatial construction wire rod installation 'deep space'.
699. Shallow space piece.
700. Send a line to your friend piece.
701. Modifiable work.
702. Transition work.
703. David and Goliath work/thing.
704. Praise of materials piece 1. perspecx.
705. Praise of metal piece.
706. Praise of wool piece.
707. Praise of stainless steel piece.
708. Vibration No.
1 art work, installation for specific area.
709. Sculpture piece.
710. Construction in white piece.
711. The garden at night piece/work suburban situation.
712. Metamorphoses piece No. 1.
713. Variation No. 2.
714. Variation within a sphere No. 67.
715. Disintegration 1970 piece.
716. The street of the five wooden piece.
717. Triangular surface in space piece.
718. Group piece. Participation! work? Piece.
719. Piece for three people piece.
720. Piece for three people in a glass house.
721. Piece for three people naked in a glass house.
722. Dirk coming out of Harry 8's hut. Piece.
723. Piece for bored sculptors, work.
724. Piece for Artists in a group.
725. Song and dance piece, conjuring included, work.
726. ..................................piece.
727. ..................................piece.
728. ..................................piece.
729. ..................................piece.
730. dotdotdotdotdotdotdotdotdotdotdashpiece.
731. .................................;piece.
732. ..................................piece.
733. ..................................piece.
734. .............................dash piece.
735. dash dash dash dash ..............piece.
736. ..........--------- - - - - - - -piece.
737. .......................... piece.
738. //////////// - - - - - - - - .....piece.
739. ----------------------------------piece.
740. -----------.....-------------.....piece.
741. ......../............./......... piece.
742. dotdashstrokelinedotdashstrokelinepiece.
743. ..................................piece.
744. ..................................piece.
745. ..................................piece.
746. ..................................piece.
747. ..................................piece.
748. ..................................piece.
749. ..................................piece.
750. ..................................piece.
751. Minimal art work.
752. Serious Art work. No. 4.
753. Serious Art Work. No. 5.
754. Woman in a coal bunker, piece.
755. Round surface in a confined space e.g. a cardboard box piece.
756. Square surface in a round (cylindrical) space piece/work.
757. Young man in a shoe-box piece.
758. Artist as the founder of situations piece. I the laugh art Society.
759. S.F.P.H.B.U a piece, the Society for putting humour back into Art.
760. Institute of Contemporary Aromas work.
761. Institute of Laughable Art.
762. The Society for Making Art Deadly Serious, piece.
763. McLean and the fantasy piece.
764. Filmstar, film piece.
765. Joe Tilson and Joe Tilson a Laugh piece (Huh huh).
766. The Transmedia piece?
767. If it moves it's Art, work/piece.
768. If it smells it's Art. Piece/work/thing.
769. If it talks it's Art. Piece/thing/work.
770. If it walks it's Art. Work.
771. Experimental Art piece.
772. Exploration piece.
773. Transmedia exploration piece.
774. Linguistic piece.
776. Cineaste piece.
777. Twelve, twelve year old girls, a semi-porn piece.
778. Sound piece for rock and roll band, "Josephine".
779. Cross hatch piece/work.
780. Shading, work, piece/thinkg.
781. Charcoal drawing work No.1.
782. Charcoal drawing work No.2.
783. Charcoal drawing work No.3.
784. Charcoal drawing work No.4.
785. Charcoal drawing work No.5.
786. Charcoal drawing work No.6.
787. Charcoal drawing work No.7.
788. Charcoal drawing work No.8.
789. Charcoal drawing work No.9.
790. Charcoal drawing work No.10.
791. Conte work, piece 1 of 75.
792. Fixative piece.
793. Laxative piece.
794. Another look at Henry Moore, piece.
795. Barbara makes a piece.
796. Photographic studies of the Artist over the last 10 years.
797. Study for a stained glass window piece.
798. Project for suburban towns.
799. Project for suburban public houses. Piece.
800. Project for town square, work.
801. Fantasy piece.
802. I was teenage idol piece.
803. I was a junior hero piece.
804. April showers may come your way and make some new art, piece.
Some conceptual song pieces. Some song titles for the L.P. Boys Gym a stomp
805. 1 (Gym pant flap)
806. 2 (Left over laces)
807. 3 (Medicine ball)
808. 4 (Fat boy)
809. 5 (Medical note)
810. 6 (Someone else's gym pants)
811. 7 (Coconut matt rash)
812. 8 (Sandshoe sweat)
813. 9 (Bean bag top)
814. 10 (Wall bar stomp)
815. Little brown gouache, of a friend piece.
816. Little red gouache of a sunset piece.
817. Little gouache, pronounced gooash, piece.
818. Gooash piece (semi abstract).
819. Illusion piece.
820. Song and dance piece/work. 16th version?
821. [UbuEditor Note: this entry skipped in original]
822. [UbuEditor Note: this entry skipped in original]
823. [UbuEditor Note: this entry skipped in original]
824. [UbuEditor Note: this entry skipped in original]
825. ..--..piece.
826. ...---...piece.
827. ....----....piece.
828. .....-----.....piece.
829. ......------......piece.
830. .......-------.......piece.
831. ........--------........piece.
832. .........---------.........piece.
833. ..........----------..........piece.
834. A room with a view, sculpture, piece.
835. A few trendy, cliceh pieces (after Joe Mr. Cliche) Tilson
836. 1 Hedy Lamarr piece.
837. 2 Ladies underwear, poster piece.
838. 3 Martin Luther King on cotton duck, piece.
839. 4 Assassination piece (a selection) on Duck.
840. 5 Mickey Mouse piece.
841. 6 Marilyn Monroe piece.
842. 7 Steve McQueen piece (movement piece).
843. 8 Cleopatra Coolers piece. Cliche cliche.
844. Underground piece, Tube station.
845. Documentation piece.
846. One man show piece.
847. The Obsessive image piece.
848. The Rosi Clare Ogley piece.
849. 25 outside the Kasmin, piece.
850. 5,785 in the Kasmin piece, and Rowan.
851. 25 for Barnes -- piece.
852. 1 for Glasgow piece.
853. Front row picture house piece.
854. Birds in flight piece.
855. Birds in trees piece.
856. Birds in cages piece.
857. Birds on Boughs (Buffs) piece.
858. Birds on buildings piece.
859. Birds on pavement with white squares drawn on the pavement piece.
860. My canary has rings round his head piece.
861. She was only a "bird piece" in a gilded cage.
862. Say what was that bird piece I saw you with last night, piece.
863. 6 Ton budgie work/piece.
864. Clockwork parrot 1/2 ton piece.
865. Remote controlled parrot piece.
866. Waiting for the postman piece.
867. Bye-bye Blackbird work, wave wave.
868. She flies in the sky i i i, work/thing.
869. Birds of a feather flock together and make establishment art piece.
870. Pot smoking, freeloving super chick piece, Whoopee!*!*
871. Are you kidding 'cliche cliche' piece.
872. A recent crimble crimble crumble work/parody.
873. It seemed like a good idea at the time (I think) piece.
874. 50 cycling dutch youths who stick one finger in one Dyke each at high tide 9 (location) Holland piece.
875. 25 Photos of hairstyles, from Barbers' shops piece/work.
876. 10 Photos of ten standard type cars, work.
877. 10 Photos of ten people, work.
878. 10 Photos of ten hedges, work.
879. 10 Photos of ten pavements, work.
880. 10 Photos of ten lamp posts, work.
881. 10 Photos of ten dogs, work.
882. 10 Photos of ten prams, work.
883. 10 Photos of ten television sets, work.
884. 10 Photos of ten radios, work.
885. 10 Photos of ten washing machines, work.
886. 10 Photos of ten shoes, work, men's.
887. 10 Photos of ten shoes, ladies, work.
888. 10 Photos of ten front rooms, work.
889. 10 Photos of ten shops, work.
890. 10 Photos of ten dressing tables, work.
891. 10 Photos of ten Fireplaces, work.
892. 10 Photos of ten windows, work.
893. 10 Photos of ten back gardens, work.
894. 10 Photos of ten streets, work. (one area).
895. 10 Photos of ten streets, work. (varied locations).
896. 10 Photos of ten artists work.
897. 10 Photos of ten cakes, work.
898. 10 Photos of ten nudes, work. (female).
899. 10 Photos of ten curtains, work. (domestic).
900. 10 Photos of ten curtains, work. (industrial).
901. I'm taking you for a ride, work.
902. Temporary Art piece.
903. But I was making that sort of thing 18 months ago, piece.
904. Oh really, I haven't seen any of his work, piece.
905. On the 12.10 from London Euston to Glasgow, the lavatory was vacant for 1 hour 25 minutes, piece.
906. 10 men singing by the railroad track, piece.
907. Art as journey, as journey, piece.
908. 400 Miles for one of your 'smiles' piece.
909. The Artist as a magician, work/piece.
910. Art as magic, as magic, piece.
911. Railway embankment piece.
912. Hop field piece.
913. Ploughed field piece.
914. Great Grand Union Canal, piece.
915. Travel piece (facing front) 100m.p.h. 5 minutes piece.
916. Travel piece (facing rear) 100m.p.h. 5 minutes piece.
917. Travel piece lasting 10 minutes stretching 2 miles, piece.
918. Aquaducts piece. Floataways 40 foot in the air.
919. Sewage farm piece.
920. Take ten tons of manure in ten trucks 100 tons, piece.
921. Take one toad sprinkler lorry, go for a ride, piece.
922. Take 1lb of sugar 2lbs flour 1/2lb currants the white of an egg and beat together for some time. Piece/Work.
923. 16 semi-detached pieces. Work.
924. Middle class art work, piece.
925. 6 Still life painting pieces of 'Granny's pewter teapot'.
926. 6 Still life painting pieces of sideboards, piece.
927. Still life painting pieces 'Flowers'.
928. Earth shifting piece Yawn yawn work, etc.
929. Much shifter piece.
930. Four for Rouken Glen piece.
931. Four for Dusseldorf, piece.
932. Gold as idea, as idea. piece/work/thing.
933. Language art, Piece.
934. Piece for gullible thicks, work.
935. Impress piece.
936. Juggling piece.
937. Conjuring piece.
938. A funny thing happened to me on my way to the Gallery, piece.
939. Well, you take a little clay and a little hay etc. and make the new art, piece.
940. Harding art work.
941. The art of sculptural misfit piece.
942. Mountain range works. "The Sleeping Warrior" piece.
943. "Goatfell" piece.
944. A modern Olympia. work.
945. The Luncheon on the grass piece.
"Was it grass for lunch" piece.
946. The Grand Bathers, piece.
947. Reverberation work.
948. Somebody's fragment, piece.
949. Transportation, work.
950. Looseleaf, piece.
951. Transmission of visual sensitivity, piece.
952. "Art is only a memory anyway piece" after M. Heizer.
953. The Institute of Contemporary Aromas present "Spring" piece.
954. Barnacles on the arse of progress, piece.
955. Peter McLean. Money grows on trees piece.
956. Index card piece.
957. The retrospective piece "The Piece". work.
958. The picture window piece. 12 Photos.
959. The suburban Growables. 1. Conifer. piece/work.
960. Twelve suburban objects, piece. Photos.
961. The Window box work. Piece.
962. Installation, work/things etc, suburban domestic scene piece.
963. McLean in Argyle Street. Possibility? Work.
964. Suburban earth? art work/piece.
965. Mrs. Rae coming out of Mrs., Dewars House piece.
966. Mrs. Rae going into Mrs. Dewar's House piece.
967. The Big Storm Door Syndrome piece (Suburban).
968. The next piece really i going to be my greatest piece. Work.
969. Another breakthrough piece.
970. Dazzle, piece/work.
971. A Sculpture of the undergrowth. Work.
972. I predict, piece.
973. Well it's not really a painting, piece.
974. The Institute of Funny Feelings present: -- "Spring". Piece.
975. The Institute of Universal International Ideas present: --Spring.
976. Hallo, hallo, hallo, hallo piece.
977. Little blue nude revived. Piece.
978. Henry Moore revisited for the 10th time, piece.
979. There's no business like the Art business piece (sung).
980. Painting those blue skies blue, piece.
981. Mr. Sculpture lend me your art, piece.
982. Large lavatory glass door, works a selection.
983. Conte/works 'a bonny drawin'. piece.
984. This is it piece. Know? piece.
985. Place and process piece.
986. Love me a sculptor out of me. Piece.
987. I'm just a lovesick sculptor, piece.
988. A quick song and dance piece. 'Scottish Version'.
989. Rosi makes some art. Piece/work/thing?
990. Rosi lives in her head piece.
991. Rosi starts a rumour, piece/thing.
992. Ten steps to heaven and the New Art piece.
993. Somewhere over the rainbow, that's where it might be, piece.
994. Domestic light pieces 'shades' etc. work.
995. Project for a suburban pub, lights bore bore, piece.
996. Sculpture for the pocket. (Tactile).
997. £1,000,000 sculpture, piece.
998. 998th piece, a look at the last 998 pieces piece/work.
999. Bruce Mclean "superstar" piece 999, 1st version.
1000. Goodbye Sculpture, art piece/things/works/stuff/everything, Hallo life, piece. (incorporating the fastest 1,000 pieces in the world, show, 'song and dance art'. Love piece, etc. etc. piece/work/thing/stuff.