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  from The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda  

  from The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda  


by Ira Cohen & Bill DeVore




Pedro Arebol de Pera
Hakim Kahn
Jack Smith
Kirk Wood

Fan Fan Sheba
Robert LaVigne
Joanne Monpetit



At the court of the Yellow Emperor, the Majoon Traveler & Lady Firefly appear in the Hall of Unconscious Magnetism.

  photo 1  


Acupuncture having failed, the Imperial Wizard sends his Astral Body to another dimension.

  photo 2  


In the Second Void ancient sorcerers tend the emanations of dreaming animals & plants that creep

  photo 3  


Queen Bone and The White Cobra are drawn by Magnetic Grapples into the Matrix of Destiny.

  photo 4  


The Spirits of the Black Stone separate Matter from Form dreaming of invisibility.

  photo 5  


Maya wakes to pigeons in a ghostly light.

  photo 6  


Original format: Six perforated postcards captioned on reverse, accordion-folded.



Adapted for the web by Andrew Stafford.
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