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  The Minimalism issue  


Twenty-eight numbered items, including advertisements folder. Edited and designed by Brian O'Doherty, art direction by David Dalton and Lynn Letterman. Published Fall-Winter 1967 by Roaring Fork Press, NYC.



Box. Two-piece box, 8-1/4 by 8-1/4 by 2-1/8 inches. White box of two nearly identical halves, title on side in inconspicuous type. Contains sections 2 through 28.




Contents. Editor's description of items included with this issue.



Three Essays. Essays with post-modern perspectives.



The Death of the Author

Roland Barthes

Style and the Representation of Historical Time

George Kubler

The Aesthetics of Silence

Susan Sontag



Phonograph recording. Beckett / Gabo & Pevsner. Side A: Samuel Beckett's Text for Nothing #8 (1958), read by Jack MacGowan. Side B: The Realistic Manifesto (1920), by Naum Gabo and Noton Pevsner, read by Naum Gabo.



Phonograph recording. Burroughs / Robbe-Grillet. Side A: Excerpts from Nova Express (1964), by William Burroughs, read by the author. Side B: "Now the shadow of the southwest column..." an excerpt from Jealousy (1957), by Alain Robbe-Grillet, read by the author. Translation of side B in item 23.



Phonograph recording. Feldman / Cage. Side A: The King of Denmark, by Morton Feldman, realized by Max Neuhaus in 1967. Side B: Fontana Mix-Feed, Nov. 6, 1967, by John Cage, realized by Max Neuhaus. Score of side A in item 20. Score of side B in item 21.



Maze model part 3. Cardboard model part. Mates with item 9.



Maze model part 2. Cardboard model part. Mates with item 27.



Maze model part 4. Cardboard model part. Mates with item 7.



Maze model part 6. Cardboard model part. Mates with item 25.



Maze model part 7. Cardboard model part. Mates with item 26.


Thumbnails: Items 12 and 13



Phonograph recording. Merce Cunningham. Side A: Space, Time and Dance (1952), by Merce Cunningham. Side B: Further Thoughts (1967), an interview with Cunningham.



Phonograph recording. Duchamp / Huelsenbeck. Side A: Marcel Duchamp, The Creative Act (1956). Side B: Richard Huelsenbeck, Four poems from Phantastiche Gebete (1916), and Marcel Duchamp, Some Texts from L'Infinitif (1912-1920).



The Russian Desert: A Note on the State of Our Knowledge. Douglas MacAgy on Russian art history.



Conditionnement. Reverse side: Repair. A poem by Michael Butor, translated by Michael Benedikt.



Poem, March 1966. Conceptual poetry by Dan Graham.





Serial Project #1. Description of an installation at Dwan Gallery by Sol Lewitt.



Seven Translucent Tiers. A grid study in three dimensions, by Mel Bochner.



Structural Play #3. Description of a performance piece by Brian O'Doherty.



The King of Denmark. Part of a musical score by Morton Feldman; recording at item 6.



Fontana Mix. Musical score by John Cage; recording at item 6.




Drawings for The Maze. Illustrates and describes a model by Tony Smith, included in this issue. Its eight pieces are numbered items 7 through 11 and 25 through 27.



Translation of Jealousy (Recorded excerpt). A translation by Richard Howard of the excerpt read by Robbe-Grillet on item 5.



Four Films by Four Artists. Reel of super-8 film, comprising four film clips:



Hans Richter

Rhythm 21

Laszlo Moholy-Nagy

Lightplay (excerpt)

Robert Morris &
Stan VanDerBeek

Site (excerpt)

Robert Rauschenberg

Linoleum (excerpt)


Included in some copies in lieu of the film spool was a note from the publisher promising that the reel of film would be mailed seperately.




Maze model part 5. Cardboard model part. Mates with item 10.



Maze model part 8. Cardboard model part. Mates with item 11.



Maze model part 1. Cardboard model part. Mates with item 8.



Advertisements/Advertisements. Folder, enclosing a sheet for Artforum, 8 by 22 inches, accordion-folded to 8 inches square; sheet for from Wesleyan University Press advertising John Cage's Silence and A Year from Sunday, 8 by 22 inches, folded twice to 8 inches square; a checklist of Something Else Press books and Great Bear pamphlets, 8-1/2 by 11 inches; a die-cut, color brochure for Bolex super-8 projectors, 9 by 8-3/8 inches, folded to 3-1/8 by 6 inches; subscription form for Aspen, 8-1/2 by 10-5/8 inches, folds to make its envelope (misfolded, to fit in this box); green, black, and white Aspen renewal order form, 6-1/4 by 7-1/4 inches, with perforated detachable envelope.




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