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  The Pop Art issue  


Eleven items, all but two of them numbered (items 9 and 10 unnumbered in the original), plus loose advertisements. Designed by Andy Warhol and David Dalton. Published December 1966 by Roaring Fork Press, NYC.



Box. Hinged box, 9-1/2 by 12-1/2 by 3/4 inches. Imitates a brand-name detergent box on front and back. An ad for Verve Records is printed inside the bottom. Contains sections 2 through 11, and ads.



Music, Man, That's Where It's At. Folder, enclosing items 3 through 6; resembles a contemporary press kit for a rock and roll band.



The View from the Bandstand: Life Among the Poobahs. The Velvet Underground's Lou Reed on rock and roll music.



The View from the Critic's Desk: Orpheus Plugs In. New York Times critic Robert Shelton on rock and roll music.



The View from the Dance Floor: "...it's - the - on-ly - ra-dio - sta-tion / that's - ne-ver - off - the - air." Bob Chamberlain on rock and roll music.



Phonograph recording. Peter Walker / John Cale. Side A: White Wind by Peter Walker, musical director for Tim Leary's touring psychedelic celebration. Side B: Loop by John Cale, of the Velvet Underground.


Sections 7 and 8



Homeward Bound: The Rand House. Profile of a rustic, owner-built home, and its residents, by Bob Chamberlain.



Twelve Paintings from the Powers' Collection. Twelve cards reproducing artworks in the collection of Thomas Powers, annotated with comments by the artists and the collector.



James Rosenquist


Bridget Riley


Gerald Laing


Roy Lichtenstein


Kenneth Noland

Mach II

Andy Warhol

200 Campbell Soup Cans

Claes Oldenburg

Ghost Telephone

Larry Poons

Reuben (As the Mississippi Flows Down to the Sea)

Jasper Johns

Black Map

William de Kooning


Charles Hinman

Vertical Waves

Ernest Trova

Wheel Men


Sections 9 and 10



Underground movie Flip Book. Snippets from Jack Smith's "Buzzards Over Bagdad" and Andy Warhol's "Kiss."



Ten Trip Ticket Book. Resembling a book of tickets, excerpts from fourteen papers presented at the Berkeley Conference on LSD.

Users and Abusers of LSD

Richard Blum

We Are All One


Adverse Reactions to LSD

William Frosch

A Descriptive Approach to the Psychedelic Experience

Rolf von Eckartsberg

Stability and Change in Human Intelligence and Consciousness

Frank Barron

LSD: Implications for Law Enforcement

Joseph D. Lohman

The Role of Psychedelics in Shamanism, Witchcraft, and the Vision Quest

Michael Harner

LSD and the Art of Conscious Living

Richard Alpert

LSD and the Dying Patient

Eric Kast

LSD Therapy of Alcoholism

Abram Hoffer

The Significance of Artificially Induced Religious Experience

Huston Smith

Therapeutic Uses of Ibogaine

Claudio Naranjo

The Myth About Psychedelic Drugs

Paul Lee

The Molecular Revolution

Timothy Leary

Section 11



The Plastic Exploding Inevitable. The Warhol Factory's one-shot underground newspaper. Includes:



The Silver Scum

Ronald Tavel

The Terror and Desperation of Chelsea Girls Is a Holy Terror

Jonas Mekas

Slum Goddess

East Village Other

Hustling for Army Health Razor Blades & Bomb Drop Yuk Yuk

Gerard Malanga

Allen Ginsberg on
political action

East Village Other

Bobby, and Barbie and Ken in the Cat's Pink Mouth

Patricia Oberhaus

EVO Freakout

John Wilcock

What Is Joint Art?

LA Free Press



Advertisements, loose sheets. Includes a black and white sheet for Paraphernalia, 8-1/2 by 11-1/2 inches; a black, red and white sheet for Guild Musical Instruments, 9 by 12 inches; a black, brown and white pamphlet for Vanguard Records, 14 by 8-1/2 inches, folded vertically into fourths; a poster for Fladell, Winston, Pennette, 15-7/8 by 22-7/8 inches, folded into quarters; subscription form for Aspen, 8-1/2 by 10-5/8 inches, folds to make its envelope.




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