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Jazz: A Cool Duel Audio: Two Sides of Jazz Ski-Roaming The Benedict House The White-Tailed Ptarmigan Configurations of the New World A Letter from Phyllis Johnson
Aspen 1 box


Nine unnumbered items, including advertisements folder. Designed by George Lois, Tom Courtos, and Ralph Tuzzo. Published 1965 by Roaring Fork Press, NYC.



Box. Black hinged box, 9-1/2 by 12-1/2 by 3/4 inches, printed with large letter A. Contains the following seven pieces.



Jazz: A Cool Duel. Three perspectives on jazz, from three active musicians.



In Praise of Dixieland

Freddie Fisher

In Defense of Latter-Day Jazz

Jon Hendricks

In Explanation of All Jazz

Chuck Israels



Phonograph recording. Two sides of jazz. Side A: St. James Infirmary Blues performed by Peanuts Hucko, Yank Lawson, Clancy Hayes, Lou Stein, Lou McGarrity, and Morey Field, taped at the 1964 Aspen Jazz Party. Side B: Israel by the Bill Evans Trio, from Verve 8613, "Bill Evans Trio '65".



Ski-Roaming, Lift-Shunning, Mountain-Touring. Denis Higgins and John Henry Auran on the pleasures of cross-country skiing.



A Sanctuary for Deer, Peacocks, and People. Peggy Clifford visits Stillwater ranch, home of architect-planner Frederic Benedict.



The Hide-and-Seek Bird of the Timberline. Timothy Thomas and Tony Gauba on the white-tailed ptarmigan.



Configurations of the New World. Extracts from thirteen papers presented at the 15th annual International Design Conference in Aspen.



Implications of
Population Changes

Philip M. Hauser

New Technologies and Institutional Change

Robert G.W. Theobald

The Human Imagination
in the New Age

Rev. William F. Lynch

To Build Is Everything or
Nothing Is Built

Konrad Wachsman

Columbia — A Garden
to Grow People

James W. Rouse

The Victory of Technique
over Content

Jan C. Rowan

The New Conservation
Can Succeed

Stewart L. Udall

The New Scale

Arthur Drexler

Lausanne 1964 Exposition — An Experiment in Planning

Peter Blake

"U.S. — Us"

George Nelson & Co.

The Interrelationships between Ethics and Power in Design

Philip Rosenthal

The New Motivations of Leadership in Industry

David Finn

Urban Transportation in Perspective

Martin Wohl




A letter from Phyllis Johnson. A letter to subscribers from publisher Phyllis Johnson.



Our Ad Gallery, a black folder, 9-1/8 by 12 inches. Encloses a color booklet, 36pp, 7-7/8 by 8-3/8 inches, about IBM's pavillion at the New York World's Fair; a color booklet, 26pp, 3-7/8 by 8-5/8 inches, for Fabergé "Make-Op" cosmetics; a color sheet for Grant's scotch, 9 by 12 inches; a folded color sheet for Xerox, 17 by 11 inches; a black and white sheet for Adele Simpson, 8-3/4 by 10-5/8 inches; a green and white sheet for the Seven Arts Book Society, 8-7/8 by 10-1/2 inches.




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