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/ubu editions

Brian Kim Stefans

127 Pages

Gulf, a collection of both my more "lyric" and procedural writings from the mid-nineties, first appeared in the form of a huge mass of stapled photocopies in 1998, published in an edition of 100 by Object and distributed by hand and mail. In 2000, Harry Tankoos Books published another 100 copies, some of which are still available at Small Press Distribution. Gulf is a "companion volume" to Free Space Comix published by Roof earlier that year, but more readily recognizable now as the precursor for Fashionable Noise: On Digital Poetics, as it contains the long computer poem "Stops and Rebels" (a highly alliterative scramble of Tennyson's translation of the Old English poem "Battle of Brunaburh") and a final essay at the end that uses search-and-replace techniques to translate it into a supra-terranean brogue. The /ubu version of Gulf has been reset with new typefaces, and is the same as the original edition minus 4 poems.